Saturday, February 20, 2016

When People Are Away

Dog was just like any other dog. He walked on four legs. He barked. Sometimes, he even growled. He wagged his tail. He liked chasing balls and eating bones.

Cat was just like any other cat. She walked on four legs as well. She purred. She meowed. Sometimes, she even hissed. She liked playing with string and drinking milk.

That was the way they were when the family was around. However, when the family was away, it was a different story. When the family was away everything changed.

Suddenly Dog and Cat could stand on their hind legs. They could talk to each other (and they even got along). They could plan a whole party and invite all their friends to it. Dogs and Cats don't need as much notice to attend a party as people do so their friends could be ready at a moment's notice.

Their parties would always be pot luck. Every dog and cat that attended would have to bring some food, or dog or cat treats or a bone or catnip or something. That way there would always be enough for everyone without Dog and Cat having to completely use up their supply. If they kept running out of food, treats, bones, and stuff, the family would surely get suspicious.

There were a few times, they almost got caught. The party got so loud and out of hand that even with their superior hearing, they almost didn't hear the sound of the car pulling up in the driveway. There had been times when they forgot to put something back where it had been before the family left.

"That's strange." a family member would say when they got home. "I don't remember that being there." They would never even suspect that Dog or Cat or one of their friends had purposely moved it during the course of a party.

Sometimes, Dog kept to himself because he was waiting for the family to leave so they could have a party. Sometimes, Cat was aloof for the same reason. When they were like this, the family just thought it was what dogs and cats naturally were like. They never suspected it was because they wanted the family to leave so they could have a party.

It wasn't that Dog and Cat didn't love their human family. They did, in fact, very much. However, they loved their friends too and wanted to spend time with them.

Dog and Cat's parties were legendary. Other dogs and cats came from miles around just to attend one of their parties There were only two rules at one of Dog and Cat's parties. The first rule was no humans allowed. The second rule was don't leave any reason for humans to suspect that there had ever been a party in the first place.

Dog and Cat had several parties a week. Everything went great. None of the humans suspected a thing.

Then, it happened. One day, the littlest human asked. "Do you think the dog and cat have parties when we're away?"

Dog and Cat froze for a moment. Then, they secretly stole a glance at each other. Was this the end of their party life? Did their humans know what went on when they were not around?

"No silly!" replied the older human child. "Dogs and cats don't have parties."

"What do you think?" the little one asked the mother and father.

"I think they are too busy sleeping and waiting for us to come home." replied the mother.

"And what would they do at their parties anyway?" asked the father.

Dog and Cat were flooded with relief. They snuck another glance at each other. This time a happy glance.

The littlest one hurried over to Dog and Cat. "Oh you  poor things! You must be so bored and lonely when we're not here."

Dog and Cat snuck a third glance at each other. They were both thinking the same thing. Oh! If only the human family knew what went on when they were gone!

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