Friday, February 12, 2016

What About the Soup?

It was late afternoon on a freezing cold February day. The air outside was frigid and the ground was caked with snow. The Weatherby house was eerily quiet. Mom was in the kitchen by herself planning dinner. "What a perfect day for soup!" she declared out loud.  She got all the ingredients to prepare some chicken soup out and placed them on the counter.

Just then, the door flew open and in stormed 9 year old Lexi in her purple snowsuit and white fluffy snow boots. She'd been out in the yard building a snowman with her friends. She marched promptly over to her mother not even thinking about the snow she was tracking all over the clean kitchen floor.

"Lexi!" exclaimed her mother pointing to Lexi's feet.

"What?" replied Lexi. "Oh." she replied apologetically seeing where her mother was pointing to. She stopped in her tracks.

"What can I do for you?" asked her mother.

"We need noses for our snowmen." explained Lexi.  "Oh perfect!" she exclaimed excitedly upon noticing the carrots on the counter. "Those carrots would be perfect!" She reached for them.

"These are for our dinner." replied her mother lifting them up and away from Lexi. "I'm making soup."

Lexi puckered her lower lip. "Oh Mommy! Please!" she begged. "You have plenty of other stuff to put in the soup."

Usually. it was Daddy who couldn't resist that sad face of Lexi's. Just this once, Mommy didn't want to be the bad guy. "Okay." she said handing the carrots to Lexi.

Lexi's face lit up. "Thank you, Mommy." she gushed running over to hug her mother.

"Lexi!" exclaimed her mother pointing to Lexi's boots.

"Sorry, Mommy." declared Lexi as she hurried out the door with the carrots.

No sooner had Lexi left when 14 year old Lucas showed up in the kitchen. "Do we have any potatoes?" he asked. "I forgot I have to do a science experiment for school."

Mom pointed to the potatoes on the counter in front of her. "These are the last ones but I was going to use them in the soup for dinner. How long have you forgotten this project for?" she asked suspiciously.

"It was assigned a month ago." Lucas admitted sheepishly. Mom gave him an angry glare. "Oh, c'mon , Mom." he said sweetly. "You don't want me to fail science." he scooped the potatoes off the counter and hurried out of the room before his mom could utter a word of protest.

Mommy sighed and went back to preparing dinner. She had only put the pot on the stove when 10 year old Lorna came running down the stairs. "Mom! she exclaimed. "We're all out of food for Flopsy." Flopsy was Lorna's little white cotton tailed bunny.

"What do you mean we're all out of food for Flopsy?" demanded Mommy. "Flopsy is your rabbit. Isn't it your job to keep track of how much food we have for her?"

Lorna hung her head down and nodded. "I thought we had more." she replied looking up again.

"We'll have to get some more rabbit food tomorrow." declared Mommy.

"But what about today?" asked Lorna. "You aren't going to make Flopsy go without dinner because of me, are you?" Lorna made sad eyes at her mother.

Mommy looked around and finally she scooped up the celery that she was going to put in the soup. "Here break this up in small pieces and give her some of it." she told Lorna.

"Thanks, Mom." replied Lorna gratefully grabbing the celery and hurrying up the stairs.

"And it's not because of those sad eyes either. It's because why should Flopsy suffer because of your mistake. You need to learn to be more responsible." Mommy called after Lorna.

Just then, Daddy arrived home. "Oh great!" he exclaimed grabbing the bread off the counter and beginning to make himself a sandwich.

"What are you doing?" asked Mommy. "I was going to make dinner."

"Sorry." said Daddy. "I have a late meeting. I have to go back to work. I have just enough time to grab a sandwich and go." He quickly made himself a ham and cheese sandwich, kissed Mommy and hurried back out the door.

"Drive carefully." she called after him.

Once Daddy was gone, Mommy looked  around at the almost empty counter and sighed. "Well, at least we still have chicken to put in the soup." she said.

Just then, the phone rang. It was Grandma calling from her house down the street. She had no food in her house . She was going to go shopping, but she couldn't get out because of the snow. "I really had a hankering to make some of my delicious chicken salad," Grandma told Mommy. "but I don't have any chicken."

Mommy sighed even deeper than before. "I'll send Lucas over with some." she replied.

"Nonsense." declared Grandma. "Just come over and give me a ride to the store and I'll get my own."

By now, Mommy was just about at her last straw. "It's getting dark. The roads and sidewalks are covered with snow and it's just about dinner time. I am not coming over to take you to the store. I'll send Lucas over with some chicken."

"Well, okay." replied Grandma. "If you think that's best. I'll be waiting."

Once Mommy sent Lucas over to Grandma's with the chicken, she looked around the kitchen counter. It was completely empty. She had started with all the ingredients for a fine soup and now there was just a pot of water on the stove with nothing in it. "I guess I'll just have to make dinner with a stone." she said. Fortunately, the stone was a pizza stone, and luckily, she still had all the ingredients for pizza.

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