Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Special Valentine

Ellie Maddox was so excited. It was almost Valentine's Day.  She could not wait to go and get supplies for making Valentine's Day cards for everyone. "Mommy can we go to the store now?!" Ellie asked hopefully.  "I want to get Valentine's Day card supplies!

"What's your hurry? Valentine's Day isn't for three weeks." replied Mommy.

"Please! I have a lot of cards to make, and  I want to get a head start." Ellie begged.

"Okay." agreed Mommy. "Just let me get my keys."

When they got to the store, Ellie went over to the art supplies. She looked around. There were so many choices. There were stickers. There was glitter. There were markers. There was paper. There were even papers shaped like hearts or paw prints or other things. There was so much more too. Ellie was overwhelmed.  She didn't know what to pick. She kept walking back and forth.

Finally, her Mom declared impatiently. " Hurry up and pick some stuff. We're going home. I have to make dinner."

Then, Ellie quickly picked out a bunch of everything she thought she could possibly use to make Valentine's and got ready to go.

"Are you sure you need all that?" asked her mother,

"I'm positive. I definitely need it all." she insisted.

As soon as they got home, Ellie disappeared into her room. She got busy cutting and pasting, and writing and putting everything together. She came out of her room only for dinner.

"My you're really busy." said Mommy poking her head in. Ellie just nodded. She was too busy to look up. "Are you going to be done soon?" inquired Mommy. "It's getting late. It's almost bed time."

"Not quite." replied Ellie. "I have one more special one to do."

"Who is it for?" asked Mommy.

"It's a secret." Ellie told her.

"Hmm!" said Mommy with interest. She wondered if Ellie had a crush. Her baby was growing up so fast.

Ellie shut her door. She made the biggest heart she could make. She took all her favorite stickers and used all her favorite color markers and crayons, favorite colors of glitter and all her other favorite art supplies. She wrote everything in the neatest handwriting she could possibly write it in.

When she finished, she stood back and looked over her handiwork. Something was missing. She didn't know what. She thought about it for a minute. She covered a patch on the front of the card with paint and stuck her hand on it to make a hand print. "That's it!" she exclaimed. "It's perfect."

For the next few weeks, until Valentine's Day, Mommy kept asking about the mystery card.  She was very curious to know who it was for. Ellie wouldn't tell her. She just kept saying. "You'll see."

Finally, Valentine's Day arrived. Ellie gathered all her Valentine's to take to school.  She was so excited that Valentine's Day was finally here. She couldn't wait for her classmates to see her cards.

"How did it go?" asked Mommy when Ellie got home.

"It was great fun!" replied Ellie happily showing Mommy all the Valentine's she had received.

"How did your mystery person like their card?" asked Mommy.

"I don't know." replied Ellie. Mommy looked at Ellie with confusion. Ellie ran to her room. Mommy was even more confused.

Ellie came back and handed Mommy a card. It was the special card  she had been working so hard on. Mommy opened it and it read it. It said "Happy Valentine's Day to The Best Mommy In the Whole World."

Mommy smiled proudly at Ellie. "This is the best card I ever received. " She kissed Ellie.

Then, Ellie hurried off to her room.

"Where are you going?" asked Mommy.

"To start working on my Valentine's for next year!" Ellie replied

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