Monday, February 8, 2016

The Search for the Super Bowl

Today's story is by my daughter and I.

Everyone was talking about the Super Bowl. Ashlyn Kershaw had no idea what they were talking about. What was the super bowl?  What color was it? Was it plain or did it have a design? How big was it?

She went into the kitchen. Her mother was putting together bowls of snacks. "Which bowl is the super bowl?" asked Ashlyn pointing to all the bowls on the counter. "Is it one of these?"

Her mother just laughed and smiled thinking Ashlyn was kidding.

"I'm serious, mommy." insisted Ashlyn. "Where is the super bowl?" She started looking around in cabinets and drawers.

"The Super Bowl isn't in our house." replied Mommy.

Just then, Daddy entered the kitchen.  He'd been setting up food and drinks on a table in the living room. "We need more soda." he told Mommy. "I'm going to make a run to Target."

"Okay." replied Mommy.

"Can I come?" asked Ashlyn eagerly. Maybe, she could find the super bowl there.

At Target, Ashlyn kept looking for bowls. There were big bowls and small bowls and medium bowls. There were bowls of all different colors and designs. There were plastic bowls and ceramic bowls and paper bowls. It was all so overwhelming. Which one was the super bowl?

Daddy didn't pick any of the bowls at all. He just got soda and went to checkout.  Ashlyn was confused.

"What's the matter, Ashlyn?" asked her Dad noticing her confusion.

"Where is the super bowl?" asked Ashlyn looking all around.

Daddy laughed. "The Super Bowl is not at Target." he replied.

They went home. Daddy went into the living room with the soda. Then, he went into the kitchen to fill the ice bucket.

Ashlyn stayed in the living room with her brother, Alex.  "Were is the super bowl?" Ashlyn asked him.

"It's in California." replied Alex annoyed at being bothered. He didn't take his eyes off the TV screen.

Now, Ashlyn was really confused. California was really far away.  "How are we going to see the super bowl if it's in California?" she asked her brother.

"We're going to watch it on TV" " he declared impatiently as though it should have been obvious to Ashlyn.

"Oh." replied Ashlyn. Apparently, the super bowl was so super that you had to watch it on TV. It must be a really big bowl. She still couldn't understand why anyone would want to watch a bowl on TV anyway no matter how big it was.

Mommy and Daddy finished getting ready. A bunch of friends and family members came over for a big party. 'This must be a big cool important bowl' thought Ashlyn. 'It must be really super.'

They turned on the TV. Ashlyn kept looking for the Super Bowl but all she saw was a bunch of a guys playing football. "Where is the super bowl?" asked Ashlyn looking all over the screen and not seeing any bowls.

Alex looked at her like she was crazy. "It's right there." he said pointing to the screen.

"But that's just a football game." replied Ashlyn.

"The Super Bowl is a football game, dummy." explained Alex rudely.

Mommy gave him an angry look.

"Really?" Ashlyn asked Mommy. "The super bowl is a football game?"

"Yes, it is." replied her mother.

"That's boring." declared Ashlyn. "I'm going to find the candy bowl." Now that was a bowl she could understand, and  as far as she was concerned, it was much more super than a football game.

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