Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Little House

The Little House  was white with black shutters. It lived at the end of a block on a quiet street in a nice neighborhood. It had a nice family to live in it. There was a Mom and a Dad and three kids.

When the Mom and the Dad moved to the Little House, they didn't have any kids. There were just a young married couple settling in for their new life together. It made the Little House so happy to have them live in her rooms and take care of her.

At first the Mom and the Dad, who were not really the Mom and the Dad then because they didn't have any children, both worked. They were away a lot of the day. The Little House missed them, but she was really excited when they came home every night.

Then, the Older Brother came along, Only then he wasn't the Older Brother, he was the Baby. The Mom stayed home to take care of him. The Little House loved having the Mom and the Baby home all day. Of course, they did not stay home all day every day, but they were home a lot more than when the Mom and Dad both worked.

The Little House loved having a Baby around. She loved the sound of baby laughter. It was such a happy sound. She loved to be filled with happy sounds. She hated baby tears though. She didn't like sadness of any kind. It made her sad too.

When the Baby was about two along came, another Baby. This one was a girl, At first, she was the Little One but eventually she would become the Middle One. The Little House couldn't be happier with the new Baby. She loved to have babies around and she would like to have a nice big family living in her. The more the merrier, she truly believed.

It got a lot noisier and a lot busier in the Little House with two kids. The Little House just loved it. She wanted to be useful and she wanted her family to grow with her. She wanted them to have lots of happiness and build lots of great memories while they lived in her.

Eventually, it was time for the Big Brother to go to school. The Little House missed him but he always came home every day just like the Dad always came home from work. It was a little bit quieter without the Big Brother but not that much because the Mom and the new Baby were usually around.

Shortly, after the Big Brother started school, another baby came along. This one was another girl. She was truly the Baby because there wouldn't be another one after her. The Big Brother and the Middle Sister fought a lot but everyone adored the baby. The Little House loved her too. She loved all of the family. She didn't like it when they fought or argued or yelled. She liked it much better when they loved each other and got along with each other.

The Little House watched the children grow from little babies in their parents arms to toddlers waddling around in diapers to little kids chasing around to big kids walking around. They seemed to grow by leaps and bounds and get bigger every day. She loved watching them grow.

Finally, there came a time when the Little House seemed too little for the family. The kids were all bigger and taller and older. They took up more space. They had more things too, and they needed more room.

When they talked about moving, it made the Little House very sad. She loved her family, She didn't want them to leave her. It made the family sad to think of moving too. They loved their Little House. It was the only house the kids had known.

Still, it was time and the family had to move on. The Little House was so sad when they finally packed up their stuff and moved. She didn't think that she could ever be happy again. However, she wasn't empty for a long. Another young couple just starting their life together soon moved into the house. The Little House was so happy and excited when they moved in. She would have another family to live in her rooms and take care of her. She would have another family to watch grow. She missed her old family but they would always be a part of her as she would be a part of them, but life would go on for the Little House with her new family just as it would go on for the family in their new house.

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