Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sophia Can't Sleep

Tomorrow was going to be an exciting day for Sophia Darrow. She would be going to see the ballet, Cinderella.  She was really excited. She knew she needed plenty of sleep so she decided to go to bed early. She quickly got her favorite purple striped pajamas on and brushed her teeth and hair. Then, she said "Good night." to her Mom and Dad kissed them each on the cheek.

"Going to bed so early?" They asked in surprise.

Sophia nodded. "I want to get plenty of sleep for my big day tomorrow." she told them happily. Mommy and Daddy smiled at Sophia's excitement.

Sophia hurried into her room. She climbed up into her bed and pulled her big fluffy pink blanket up to her chin. She shut her eyes but she just couldn't fall asleep.

After a little while, she figured maybe it was just too early for her to go to sleep because she wasn't used to it. She turned on her light, got out her book and read for a little bit. When she felt like she was starting to get tired, she put her book away and turned off the light. She crawled back under the covers.

Still sleep wouldn't come. After a half hour of trying, she opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling. She couldn't believe that didn't put her to sleep. That had to be one of the most boring things in the world to do.

She decided to count sheep. By the time she got to one hundred and she still hadn't fall asleep, she gave that up. She tried doing things that would make her brain tired like saying the alphabet backwards or doing complex math problems in her head. Those things didn't help either.

She got out of bed and went in Mommy and Daddy's room.

"What's the matter?" asked Daddy full of concern.

"Are you feeling okay?" asked Mommy worriedly.

Sophia nodded. "I'm feeling fine. I just can't sleep."

"You're probably just over excited about tomorrow." said Daddy.

"I'll make you some warm milk." Mommy told her. She led Sophia into the kitchen and heated up some milk on the stove. The thought of drinking warm milk disgusted Sophia. She hardly even liked to drink milk that had been sitting around for a few minutes at room temperature. However, she was willing to try anything. When Mom handed her the glass of warm milk, she still thought it was gross, but she drank the whole thing.

Mommy smiled and took the empty glass from Sophia and put it in the dishwasher. "There!" she said. "I'm sure you'll be sleeping in no time." She walked Sophia back to her room and tucked her in. Sophia pulled up the covers and closed her eyes again.

After another half hour of lying there and not being able to sleep again, Sophia opened her eyes and sat up again. Maybe, some soothing music would help her to sleep. She turned on the radio softly. However, the stations were playing really loud upbeat music tonight and Sophia couldn't find anything that helped her sleep.

After a while, she turned off the radio and went back to Mommy and Daddy's room. By now, they were both fast sleep even if  Sophia wasn't. 'Well at least they can sleep' she thought jealously. She quickly tiptoed back to her own room.

In her room, she got back into her bed. She tried to relax and sleep, but she just couldn't. She figured she was trying too hard. She decided to just lie in bed and think until she got tired enough to sleep. That took longer than Sophia thought it would. By the time, she finally started drifting off to sleep, it was starting to get light outside.

"Come on, honey. It's time to go." Sophia's mother's voice broke into her sleep what felt like and probably was only a few hours later. Sophia groggily dragged herself out of bed and got dressed. She practically fell asleep when she was brushing her teeth.

Mommy and Sophia got into the car to head to the Civic Center to see the ballet. Daddy wasn't going with them. He hated the ballet.

Sophia wanted to sleep in the car but she couldn't because the noise outside the car was so loud. There was loud construction going on and horns blaring and all kinds of other noise. To Sophia, it seemed much noisier than usual like she was being punished for not having slept.

Finally, they arrived at the Civic Center and went inside. Mommy bought Sophia a program, and they were quickly ushered to their seats. Soon, the auditorium was full. The orchestra started playing and the ballet started. The music was so sweet and soothing not at all like the noise of the traffic.

At the intermisson, Mommy asked Sophia. "How are you enjoying the ballet so far, honey?" Sophia didn't answer. "Sophia?" said Mommy. Sophia still didn't answer. Mommy looked at Sophia. Sophia's eyes were closed and she let out a loud snore. She was fast asleep.

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