Monday, February 22, 2016

Something for Skyla

Trudi Voorhees was so excited. She had earned $10.00 from her first babysitting job. She had watched the cute little girl next door for an hour while her mother ran some errands. Now, Trudi and Mom and Trudi's little sister, Skyla were heading to the store. Mom had to pick up some things she needed and Trudi wanted to spend her money. She couldn't wait.

"You're lucky." sighed Skyla. "I wish I had money."

"When you're older you can earn your own money too." replied Trudi proudly. She clutched her wallet tightly in her hand and smiled thinking about the the possibilities  of what she might buy.

As soon as they arrived at the store and entered the building, Skyla hurried over to a display of fluffy stuffed animals. "I want this!" she demanded holding up a furry black and white dalmatian puppy. Mommy ignored Skyla and took out the shopping list and began looking over it. "Please!" Skyla begged tugging on her mother's arm.

"Not today." replied Mommy gently pushing Skyla's hand away. "Come on let's go I have some things to get." She scooped Skyla up and put her in a shopping cart. To Trudi, she said "We'll meet you by the front of the store in a half an hour. Will that be enough time for you?"

Trudi nodded happily. She was only half listening anyway. In her mind, she was already happily spending her money.

"I wish I had money." Skyla mumbled unhappily as Mommy wheeled her away.

Trudi went to the make-up department. She picked up some glittery nail polish and looked at it. Then, she put it down and picked up a package of fruit flavored lip gloss. Then, she eyed a palette of pretty eye shadow colors. Everything in the department looked so great. She couldn't decide what she wanted to buy. She wished she had enough money for all of it, but she didn't.  She stood there for few minutes trying to decide but she couldn't. She decided to try a different department instead. Maybe, there would be something there that stood out for her there.

She wandered over  to the hair accessories department. She saw multi-colored hairbands. She saw glittery barrettes. She saw headbands of every size. There were just too many choices. She still couldn't decide what she wanted. Nothing stood out to her more than anything else.

Next, she went over to the clothing department. She didn't really have enough money for anything much there so she decided to skip it. She continued on over to the book section and then the music section. She was just so overwhelmed with the choices of books to read and music listen to that she couldn't choose anything in either of those sections either.

She looked at her watch. It was getting late. It would be time to meet Mom and Skyla soon. She decided to go back to the front of the store and then, quickly go through the whole store one more time to make sure she didn't miss anything. Maybe, that would help her decide what she wanted.

On her way to the front of the store, she passed the stuffed animal display that Skyla had been looking at. She picked up the little black and white dalmatian puppy that Skyla had loved. She remembered the way Sklya's whole face lit up when she saw it and how excited she'd been when she picked it up.

Just then, she caught a quick of glimpse of the time on her watch again. She had hardly any time left. She better get what she wanted, pay, and go meet Mom and Skyla. Mom didn't like to be kept waiting.

"What did you get?" asked Skyla excitedly but also a little jealously when Trudi approached them clutching her package tightly a few minutes later. She ran over to Trudi and tried to peek in the bag.

"You'll see." Trudi laughed at Skyla's eagerness and gently pulled the bag away from her little sister.

"It's probably something stupid like make-up anyway." declared Skyla turning away and pretending she was no longer interested.

"Oh, you'll like it." Trudi assured her.

"I will?" replied Skyla excitedly. "Show it to me!" she demanded.

"Skyla!" warned Mom. She would not tolerate rude behavior.

"I mean, please show it too me." replied Skyla with exaggerated sweetness.

"In the car." replied Trudi.

Skyla sighed unhappily. She did not like to wait. Patience wasn't her thing.

When they finally got to the car, got in, and put their seat belts on Skyla quickly turned to Trudi. "Now, can you show me"? she asked bursting with curiosity.

"Tada!" cried Trudi. She reached into the bag and pulled out the little stuffed dalmatian puppy.

"Hey!" exclaimed Skyla angrily. " I wanted that!" She angrily glared at Trudi for getting it and than at their mother for not getting it for Skyla.

Trudi laughed. "It's for you, silly." she said to Skyla.

"For me?" asked Skyla in a mix of excitement and confusion.

"Yes for you. I saw how much you wanted it, and there wasn't anything I really wanted."

"Thank you, Trudi. Thank you!" Skyla gushed happily. She reached across her seat and tried to hug Trudi on the other side of the car without getting out of her seatbelt but she couldn't really reach. "I love you you're the best sister in the whole world."

"Yes" laughed Trudi "Until the next time you get mad at me."

Skyla nodded in agreement. "Yes, but for now. You're  in the best sister in the  whole world." she said.

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