Thursday, February 18, 2016


When Joslyn woke up bright and early one morning for school, her little sister Makena was fast asleep in her bed.  Makena had a habit of sneaking into Joslyn's room in the middle of the night and curling up with her. Makena looked so cozy all curled up in Joslyn's bed under Joslyn's pink fluffy blanket. It was so unfair,  Joslyn thought as she shivered in the cold air of the early morning that wasn't even light yet. "I wish I were little." thought Joslyn jealously.

There was a flash of bright light and Joslyn fainted. When she woke up, suddenly she didn't feel quite as tall as she was before. Her clothes seemed to be a lot bigger too. They were literally falling off her. She wanted to sit down on the bed for a minute to figure out what had happened, but she couldn't reach it. "Mommy!" she shrieked and when Mommy didn't come right away she hurried into Mommy's room as fast as her little legs would carry her.

"What is it?" demanded Mommy angrily as she was awakened from a deep sleep by the sound of Joslyn's loud feet as she marched into the room. "Why are you screaming at this hour of the morning? You'll wake the neighbors."

"Look at me!" cried Joslyn unhappily. Her voice sounded really young and squeaky.

"Where are you, and what's wrong with your voice? " asked Mommy. "This is no time for games."

"Look down here!" replied Joslyn tugging at her Mother's nightgown. Her mother looked down at her side and saw Joslyn. Her mouth flew open, but no words came out. Then, suddenly tears came to Mommy's eyes. "It's kind of cute." she said. "It reminds me of when you were a little girl."

"But I'm not ..." and Joslyn finally realized her wish had been granted, and she was little again, and she didn't have to go to school. She stopped protesting and smiled happily.

"Oh, if you think you're not going to have to go to school because you're little, you're wrong. You can go to preschool with Makena." replied Mommy reading her mind.

As if she had heard her name, at precisely that moment, Makena tiredly strolled in. "Oh boy!" she exclaimed excitedly upon seeing Joslyn. "You're just my size. We can play together and go to school together and be best friends." she gushed excitedly without taking a breath.

"Oh Joy." replied Joslyn very sarcastically.

"Joslyn!" rebuked her mother sharply. "Makena." she added to Joslyn's little sister. "Go and get some clothes for Joslyn to wear."

Joslyn hung her head down. She couldn't bear the thought of wearing clothes borrowed from her younger sister even if she, Joslyn,  mostly was unrecognizable.

"You know having to wear Makena's clothes is not  the end of it." Mommy told her. "It's only the beginning. You won't be able to ride on your ten -speed bike or ride anything but the kiddie rides when we go to the amusement park on Saturday. You'll have to stay on the little kids side of the playground...."

"Stop!" screamed Joslyn.  She realized she really hadn't thought this little thing through very much "I don't want to be little again any more." She closed her eyes and waited for the flash to make her big again, but nothing happened.

"I wish I were big again." she said but still nothing happened. She was afraid whatever magic there had been was gone, and now she was stuck being little forever. Well, she might not be little forever, but she would have to go through growing up all over again at least the part to get her where she had been before she wished to be little,  The thought gave her a headache, and she began to cry. "I don't want to be little! I don't want to be little!"

"Joslyn!" screamed Makena loudly in her sister's ear. "You woke me up."

Joslyn opened her eyes and realized she was in her own bed. She carefully slid her legs to the floor happy to find out she could reach it,. Her clothes seemed to be fitting nicely.  She looked at herself in the mirror. She was just like she remembered being. She must have dreamt that she'd gotten little. She was so relieved that whatever it was seemed to be over. "I'm big." she said happily admiring her reflection.

"Hmph." replied  Makena. "I wish I were big!"

"Oh no!" exclaimed Joslyn. "Don't ever say that. Trust me, you don't want to wish to be something that you're not."

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