Sunday, February 28, 2016

Cousin Caroline

Kayla Wallace could not wait to meet her cousin,  Caroline. She and Caroline were the same age. They had never met because Caroline lived in California and Kayla lived in New York City. Now, they were finally going to meet because Caroline was coming to New York for a visit.

Kayla was very excited to meet her cousin. Every day, she would ask eagerly "Mommy when is cousin Caroline coming?" Every day, she looked at the at her Mom hoping it would be the day her Mom would say Caroline was coming. Every day, it wasn't and Kayla was disappointed.  She thought the day would never arrive.

"Soon enough the day will be here and Kayla will come." Mommy assured Kayla. Kayla didn't believe her.

Finally, the day arrived. Kayla was so excited. Kayla went with Mommy and Daddy to the airport to pick Caroline up. "Hi!" she greeted Caroline warmly and happily when Caroline's plane landed, and they picked her up. "I'm Kayla. I'm your cousin. I'm so happy to meet you," She threw her arms around Caroline and hugged her. Caroline barely hugged her back, and it wasn't in a friendly manner.

When they got to the car, Caroline said, "It's kind of small, isn't it?" Kayla just stared at her. She couldn't believe how rude Caroline was.  All the way home, she was even ruder. All she did was talk about how much better everything was in California.

When they got home, Daddy showed Caroline to the guest room. Mommy pulled Kayla aside. "Don't worry." she told Kayla. "She's probably just homesick. She'll warm up to us." Kayla hoped so.

However, that afternoon things didn't get any better. Caroline didn't like any of the food they had for lunch. At first, she didn't want to play with Kayla at all and then when she did, she only wanted to be bossy and be in charge and play whatever she wanted to play. For the first time ever in her life, Kayla was actually happy for it to be bedtime. She hoped maybe the next day would be better.

In the morning, when they woke up, Kayla said cheerfully. "Good morning, Caroline. How did you sleep?"

"Lousy." replied Caroline. "You have the most uncomfortable beds in the world. I hardly slept at all.  Now,  I'm tired and my back hurts."

"Well, then why don't you take a nap." suggested Kayla through gritted teeth. She suddenly wished for nothing more than for Caroline to go back to bed or better yet to go away altogether. With most people, she would think they could go back to sleep and wake up on the right side of the bed, but she doubted that would happen with Caroline.

Of course, Caroline didn't go back to bed and she was just as unbearable as she had been the day before. "When is Caroline leaving?" Kayla asked Mommy when they were alone.

"She''ll be here another few days." answered Mommy.

Kayla frowned unhappily. She was hoping that Mommy was going to say Caroline was leaving tomorrow. She didn't care if Caroline was her cousin. She couldn't stand another day of that rude horrible girl.

"Just be nice." Mommy told her as if reading Kayla's mind. "She'll be gone soon."

"Okay, Mommy. I'll try." promised Kayla. She didn't know how she was going to stand it though.

The days dragged slowly by. Things didn't get any better. Caroline was as rude and horrible as ever. They were the longest and worst days of Kayla's life.

Finally, it was time to take Caroline to the airport. They put Caroline's luggage in the car, and they all piled in. Just like on the way home from the airport, on the way to the airport, Caroline talked about how much better California was than New York even more so now that she had actually spent some time in New York.

'She'll be gone soon. She'll be gone soon.' Kayla kept telling herself. It was the only thing that got her through the long car ride.

When they got to the airport, this time, Daddy was going to Caroline inside, Mommy and Kayla were going to wait outside. "Goodbye, Caroline." Mommy said as they got out of the car. "Thanks for coming to visit us." Kayla wasn't going to say anything but Mommy gave her a stern  look.

"Goodbye, Caroline." added Kayla in as friendly a manner as she could manage.

Caroline just looked at them and gave a sort of half wave which for her was probably the equivalent of a smile. Then, she and Daddy got her bags, and they went into the terminal.

"Do you know, Mommy," announced Kayla. "I was really excited and happy for Caroline to come and visit me, but I'm even more happy now that she's leaving."

Now, that Caroline  was gone even Mommy couldn't help smiling about it. "She's really something, isn't she?" declared Mommy.

"She sure is." agreed Kayla.

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