Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Billy the Bully

Trisha, Tressa, and Traci Bridgeman were sisters. Trisha was the oldest. Tressa was in the middle. Traci was the youngest.  The three of them were as close as three sisters could be. They hardly every even fought.

The girls were in their kitchen one afternoon. Trisha and Tressa were doing there homework. Traci, being the youngest, didn't have as much homework as the others so she had already finished her homework.  She was staring out the window.

Suddenly, they heard the tinkling of a bell coming from the front of the house. Traci ran to the other side of the house and looked out. "It's the ice cream man!" she screamed.  She ran back to her sister's. "Let's get some ice cream!" she urged excitedly.

"We're doing our homework." Trisha reminded her.

"You go and ask Mommy for some money and get us all some ice cream." suggested Tressa.

"Okay!" exclaimed Traci. She ran up to ask Mommy for some money for the ice cream man. Then, she hurried outside to get them all some ice cream.  By now, the ice cream man was all the way down the block. That meant Traci was going to pass by that mean bully, Billy Grubbs house. She held her breath and passed by the house as quickly as she could.  She sighed with relief when she got passed the house, and there was no sign of Billy.

She reached the ice cream man and stood on line and bought three chocolate ice cream bars. She quickly turned and headed back home.

She had only gotten a few steps when a loud noise from behind her startled her. "Hey!" exclaimed a scarily familiar voice.  "Who goes there?" asked Billy jumping out in front of her. Traci didn't say anything. "I said who goes there?" Billy shouted in an even louder scarier voice.

"Traci Bridgeman." replied Traci in a tiny frightened voice.

"Well, Traci did you know that you can't pass by my house without paying the toll?" he informed her.

"The toll?" asked Traci nervously. "But, I don't have any money on me. I spent it on ice cream."

"Ice cream?" exclaimed Billy gleefully. "Let me see." He grabbed the three ice cream bars out of Traci's hands. He quickly opened up one of the packages and started eating it. "This will do." he said with his mouth still half full of ice cream. "You may pass." he waved his arm in front of her to indicate that she should go by.

"But..." replied Traci trying really hard not to burst into tears.

"Go! Go!" said Billy.

Traci quickly ran off toward home. As soon as she reached her house, she ran inside.

"Where's the ice cream?" asked Tressa noticing her empty hands.

Traci immediately burst into tears.

"What's the matter, honey?" asked Trisha sweetly. She put her arm around her little sister.
"It's okay." she said. "Don't worry about the ice cream. Just tell us what happened."

Between gasping sobs, Traci told them the whole story.

"That Billy Grubbs!" exclaimed Tressa angrily. "Tomorrow I'll get the ice cream, and I'll take care of it."

"Just be careful." Trisha warned.

"Don't worry." replied Tressa bravely. "I'm not a little kid."

The next day when the ice cream man came around. Traci stayed in the house with Trisha, and Tressa went out to get them all ice cream.  Tressa made it to the ice cream truck without seeing a sign of Billy even when she passed his house. "This is a piece of cake." she thought.

On her way back suddenly she heard a noise behind her. The noise startled her, but she wasn't really afraid.  She quickly turned around. "Hello, Billy." she said unhappily but still without fear.

"Who goes there?" Billy yelled at Tressa.

"It's me, Tressa Bridgeman." she replied. "And, I'm not giving you my ice cream."

"Then, how are you going to pay the toll?" he asked. He looked her up and down and spied the ice cream bars in her hands. His eyes lit up. "That will do." he said. He reached for the ice cream, but Tressa moved it away. "Hey!" he exclaimed angrily.

"I'm not giving you my ice cream, Billy." she told him.

"Oh yeah?" he replied getting even angrier. He shoved her really hard and she fell to the ground dropping the wrapped ice cream bars . Billy scooped them up. "Your toll's paid. You can go." he said glaring at her."

Tressa sat on the ground stunned. She didn't know which hurt more her scrapped up knee from her fall or her pride. Finally, she brushed herself off and headed toward home.

"What happened?" asked Trisha when Tressa got home without any ice cream.

"Did Billy scare you too?" asked Traci. "Did he make you give him the ice cream."

"No." replied  Tressa madly. "He made me angry and pushed me. Then, he stolen our ice cream."

Now, it was Trisha's turn to get angry. "Enough is enough." she announced. "Tomorrow we'll all go and get ice cream, and I'll take care of this."

The next day the three of them went out to get ice cream. Once again, they never saw Billy on the way there. Once again on the way home, suddenly there he was. "Who goes there?" he asked jumping out in front of them.

Traci quickly ran over to Tressa in fright. She would have run over to Trisha, but Trisha was no where to be seen.  Tressa looked around too, and she didn't see Trisha anywhere either.

"It's Traci and Tressa Bridgeman. We are aren't paying any toll, and we aren't giving you our ice cream." Tressa declared angrily. At that moment, she wasn't who sure who she was more mad at Billy or Trisha. Trisha was some big hotshot acting like she was going to take care of it, and then the moment Billy showed up she disappeared.

Suddenly something or someone gave Billy a hard shove from behind, and he fell onto the pavement. Traci and Tressa quickly turned around to see who or what it was. It was Trisha. Tressa immediately felt guilty for thinking badly of  Trisha.

"That was for my sisters!" Trisha shouted at Billy. "You are not going to take their ice cream any more. You are not going to scare them. You are not going to shove them. You are not going to bother them at all. Do you understand?"

Billy sat up and opened his mouth to protest. Trisha loomed over him and continued glaring at him. She was a lot bigger than he was.

 "Okay." he gulped in small scared voice.

Treesa and Traci couldn't help smiling both at  Billy's misery and at pride in their sister.

"And you are not going to bother my sisters again even when I'm not there." added Trisha. "Or else, I will find you, do you understand?"

Billy gulped and nodded.

"Now, your toll is paid." Trisha told him. "You can go."

"But .. I ... live here." Billy stammered.

"Then, go inside" said Trisha.

Billy hurriedly ran inside.

Tressa and Traci burst out laughing. "Oh Trisha, you're the best." said Tressa.

"You're the bravest." added  Traci.

Trisha just shrugged. To her, it was already over, and she didn't want to talk about it anymore. "Let's go home and eat our ice cream." she told them

"Ice cream!" exclaimed Tressa and Traci together, and they followed their big sister down the street toward home.

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