Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Room of Her Own

For as long as she could remember, Claire Danvers had shared a room with her little sister. Esme. Since Esme was only two years younger than Claire, that was pretty much most of her life. Claire was so tired of it. Esme was noisy and she left her things all over the room. She thought that just because she and Claire shared a room she had a right to butt into Claire's business. Claire's greatest wish was to have a room of her own."Please! Please!" she would constantly beg Mommy and Daddy. "Can't I have my own room?"

The answer was always the same. "You know we don't have enough room to give you your own room. We would if we could. We're sorry."

Claire didn't care that they were sorry. All she cared about what that she still had to share a room with her annoying little sister. It was just not fair!

Then, one day, Mommy and Daddy gathered Claire and Esme in the living room to talk to them. "Sit down." they told the girls.

"Uh Oh." said Claire nervously worried about what they had to say.

Esme was nervous too. She starting biting her lip. Claire took her hand. After all, she loved her sister. She just didn't want to share a room. They sat on the couch next to each other.

"Well." began Mommy once they were all seated. "We have good news and bad news or maybe just good news depending how you look at it."

"Oh?" replied Claire. She didn't feel any less worried. Neither did Esme who still didn't say anything but held Claire's hand tighter.

"We are going to be moving." explained Daddy.

"Daddy got a new job." added Mommy.

For a minute both girls, just sat on the couch too stunned to move or say anything. They had lived in this house their whole lives They didn't want to move.

"Our new house will be bigger." Mommy told them. "You will be able to have your own rooms."

Suddenly Claire could see the silver lining. She didn't care about leaving her friends or going to a new a school or anything but getting a room of her own. She jumped out of her seat excitedly. "When are we moving?" she asked.

Esme glared at Claire. She didn't see anything good about moving at all. She liked the house they lived in now. She liked the room she had now. She liked sharing a room with Claire. She looked at Claire as though she were going to cry. "Are you that happy to be getting rid of me?" she asked. "Do you hate me that much?"

"I don't hate you at all " Claire assured her. "You're my little sister. I love you. I just don't want to share a room with you anymore. I need my space." She put her arms around Esme and hugged her. Esme still did not feel better and still did not smile.

Moving day arrived. To Claire, it felt like it had taken forever. To Esme, it felt much to soon.

Claire just loved her new room. It was big. It was full of yellow her favorite color. Best of all, there was not a trace of Esme or any of her stuff in it.

Esme had to admit she liked her room too. It was equally as big as Claire's but full of  purple which was her favorite color. As soon as she went in for the first time, she arranged all of her favorite stuffed animals on her bed to make herself feel more at home.

That night, Esme was nervous about spending her first night alone in a room without Claire.

"Don't worry. It will be fine." Claire assured her. "I will be right next door."

Claire and Mommy and Daddy all tucked Esme in together just to reassure her. Esme wanted it that way. "I'll miss sharing a room with you." she whispered to Claire when they tucked her in.

Claire was so excited to go to bed in her own room that she went to bed early. As soon as she got into her bed, and turned out the light, she started to see shadows on the wall. She got out of bed and went over to the window and looked out. She was sure it was just a branch blowing in the breeze on the tree outside her window, but she still felt nervous.

Then, she stared hearing creaking noise. She nervously looked all around including in her closet and under her bed, but she didn't see anything. She got back in bed, but suddenly her room felt big and dark and scary and she missed sharing a room with Esme. Since, she was sure Esme was feeling that same way, she decided she better go and check on her little sister.

She hurried into Esme's room and over to her bed. Esme was sound asleep in her bed with stuffed animals scattered all around her. "Esme?" whispered Claire. Esme didn't budge. "Esme?" Claire whispered a little louder. Still, Esme didn't budge. "Esme!" whispered Claire loudly poking Esme awake.

"What?" exclaimed Esme groggily waking with a jolt. "What do you want?" she asked Claire angrily through half closed eyes as she half woke up and saw her sister standing by her bed.

"Don't be like that." replied Claire defensively. "I was worried about you. I know you never really wanted to have your own room. Do you want to sleep in my room? Just this once."

Esme shook her head. "No, thanks." she replied.

"No?" asked Claire in surprise. "I thought you loved sharing a room with me?"

"I did," replied Esme "But now I have my own room and I love that too. It isn't as scary as I thought it would be. Thanks for checking on me, but you can go back to your room, Claire."

"Are you sure you don't want to sleep with me?" asked Claire nervously.

Esme narrowed her eyes and studied her sister's face. She knew something was up. "Are you afraid in your new room by yourself? Are you lonely? Do you need me to come and sleep with you?" she asked.

Claire blushed furiously in embarrassment. "Oh no." she mumbled. "I just thought you might need me."

"Okay. Climb in." said Esme welcomingly. She knocked some of the stuffed animals out of the bed and made room for Claire.

"Okay." agreed Claire eagerly climbing into the bed. "but, I am doing this for you."

Esme nodded.  "I know." she replied but she knew that wasn't true at all. She secretly smiled to herself.  She was so proud to be the brave one for once.

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