Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Stolen Doll

Genessa Bard and Holly Pendleton were best friends. Holly loved to go to Genessa's house. Genessa always had the newest most fun toys. Holly was jealous.   She always wished she had the toys that Genessa had.

Genessa seemed to enjoy having toys that Holly didn't have. She was always showing off her new toys.    She never let Holly play with her new toys until she had them a long time.
One day. Holly's mom took her over to play with Genessa. When they arrived, Genessa excitedly ran over to greet Holly.   "Look what I got!" she announced without even bothering to say hello. She held up a Barbie doll. It was dressed in  a deep purple gown and wearing a silver tiara on its head.  "It's my Beauty Queen Barbie." gushed Genessa excitedly. "Isn't she beautiful?"

Holly could only nod in awe. It was the most beautiful Barbie she had ever seen. Genessa was so lucky. Holly wished she had a doll like that. There was no way Genessa was going to even let her play with it at least not for a long time.

"Come on! Let's play!" exclaimed Genessa.

"Okay." sighed Holly following Genessa to her playroom.

After couple hours, it was time to go home. "Did you thank Genessa for having you over to play?" asked Mommy as Holly was putting on her coat. Holly shook her head no. "Well, I think you should." Mommy told her.

Holly went off to the playroom to find Genessa. Genessa wasn't there, but there was that beautiful new Barbie. It was just lying on the ground looking so lovely and lonely. Holly picked it up. She only wanted to hold it and admire it for a minute.It was just so pretty.

"Holly!" called her Mother loudly from the living room. "Come on! It's time to go. Daddy will be home soon, and I have to make dinner."

Without even thinking about it, Holly quickly stuffed the doll into her coat and hurried to her mother.

"Did you thank Genessa?" Mommy asked.

"Yes." Holly lied. She quickly rushed out the door and ran over to the car.

Mommy laughed at Holly's eagerness. "Why the great rush all of the sudden?"

"I'm just really hungry." lied Holly.

At home Holly quickly brushed past Mommy on her way to her room. "Aren't you going to take your coat off?" asked Mommy.

Holly shook her head. "I'm kind of cold." she lied again.

"Are you feeling okay?" asked Mommy worriedly. She reached out to feel Holly's forehead and see if she had a fever.  Holly quickly ducked out of her reach.

"I'm fine. Really!" insisted Holly quickly scurrying away into her room.  Mommy just shook her head and went to make dinner.

In her room. Holly took her coat off and took the doll out. She held it up and admired it. The doll's pretty dress and tiara sparkled in the light of Holly's room.

The phone rang loudly and startled Holly. She almost dropped the doll, but she managed to grab it before it hit the floor. She sighed in relief.

Just then, Mommy came barging into the room. Holly quickly shoved the doll under her pillow. "What's the matter, mommy?" she asked warily.

"That was Genessa's Mom." explained Mommy referring to the phone call. "Genessa can't find her new doll anywhere, and she is really upset. You don't know what happened to it. Do you Holly?"

"No, I don't!" exclaimed Holly. "Why would I?" She felt a sharp stab of guilt.

Mommy looked surprised at Holly's outburst. "Well, okay, Sweetie." she replied. "Nobody's accusing you of anything. We just thought maybe you would know where Genessa left her doll since you were there when she was playing with it." Holly looked down and bit her lip, but she didn't say anything. Mommy smiled at her. "I'm going to go finish making dinner." she announced as she turned to leave Holly's room.

That was it. Holly was suddenly overwhelmed with feelings of  guilt. An avalanche of tears started flowing down her cheeks.

"What's the matter?" inquired Mommy  in confusion gathering Holly in her arms. "Are you sure you're not sick?"

Holly nodded through her tears. "I did it." she admitted in a gush as though she couldn't get the words out fast enough. "I took Genessa's doll."

Mommy looked shocked but not really angry. "You did?" she replied in surprise. "But why?"

"Genessa is always getting such nice new toys. She is always showing them off and never lets me play with them for a long time. By the time, I get a toy, Genessa had already had it or something like it. Just for once I wanted to be the one to have a new toy first." explained Holly in a rush of words. She hung her head down.

"We'll have to take the toy back to Genessa." Mommy replied calmly.

Holly looked up and nodded her head. "I know." she replied quietly. "I'm really sorry."

"I think that is something you are going to have to tell Genessa." said Mommy.

After dinner, Mommy took Holly back to Genessa's house. When they arrived, Genessa came to the door. She looked really sad. Her eyes were all red like she had been crying. " What are you doing here?" she asked in surprise. It was a little late for Holly to be coming over. Her eyes opened even wider in surprise when Holly took the doll out from behind her back and handed it to Genessa.

"My Beauty Queen Barbie!" exclaimed Genessa in a mix of happiness and relief.

"I'm sorry I took your doll." Holly told her. She really and truly was sorry. "You're just so lucky. You are always getting such great new toys, and  you are always showing them off and you never let me play with them."

Now, it was Genessa's turn to feel bad. "I'm sorry." she replied sincerely. "I'll try not to show-off so much, and I'll try to share better. Maybe, you can play with my new doll next week."

"Genessa!" said her mother sharply.

"Maybe, you can play with her tomorrow." revised Genessa, with a somewhat unhappy sigh.

Holly smiled. "I'm good with the day after tomorow." she replied.

Genessa smiled back. "I'm good with that too."   she said.                                        

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