Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Haircut

Iola York was really proud of her long blond hair. It flowed all the way down her back. She had never had it cut since she was a baby.

"Wouldn't you like to have a little trim?" her mother would ask her.

"No! No!" Iola would scream. She couldn't stand the thought of having a tiny inch of her precious hair cut off.

Then, one day in the school cafeteria there was a huge food fight. Iola hurried to hide under the table with the other kids, but it was too late. She had gotten something in her hair and whatever it was was really sticky. She tugged and pulled at it, but she just couldn't get it out. In fact, she just managed to make things worse by getting her hair all tangled up and knotty.

Iola got so upset that she became hysterical, and  started crying really hard They had to send her to the nurses office. The nurse tried to cut the sticky mess out of Iola's hair, but Iola became even more hysterical and crying even more. Tears fell down her cheeks in great globs.  She would not let the nurse near her hair with scissors. They had to call her mother to come and pick her up.

"Mommy!" shrieked Iola rushing into her mother's arms as soon as her mother reached the school.

"What's the matter?" Mommy asked tenderly putting her arms around Iola. Iola was too upset to even say. Her mother just looked at her and saw the sticky mess in Iola's hair. "Oh, honey." she said sadly. "That is going to have to be cut out." She took the scissors from the nurse and gently cut the food out of Iola's hair.

Unfortunately. there had been quite a lot of it and cutting it out left Iola's hair kind of lopsided. Iola's mother looked at Iola's hair and frowned. "What?" exclaimed Iola worriedly. She quickly ran her hands through her hair. She could tell it didn't feel right. She hurried over to the mirror and as soon as she saw her hair she started screaming.

"Don't worry." her mother assured her. "We'll take you to the hair salon. Just so they can even it out." she added when she saw the horrified look on Iola's face. Before, Iola could utter a word of protest, her mother had signed her out of school and steered her toward the car.

The hair salon was pretty empty at that time of day so Iola was quickly ushered into a chair. The stylist who cut her hair was very chatty. She kept talking to Iola. Iola was too upset and nervous to reply to anything the stylist said or to watch what the stylist was doing. Still, the stylist just kept chatting away. Iola was worried that she was chatting too much because she just kept chatting and cutting and chatting and cutting. Iola was sure it should not take that long just to even out her hair.

Finally, Iola actually looked at her hair in the mirror. It was quite a bit shorter than it had been.  "Stop!" she screamed in horror. She wanted to cry again, but she was too upset to even do that so she just kept staring at her hair in the mirror.

"But it's not even." replied the stylist.

"Then, just make it even and don't cut a bit more. " demanded Iola. "I'll be watching you!" she added in threatening tone.

The stylist gave her a nasty look and didn't talk the rest of the time she was cutting Iola's hair. She just quickly finished cutting. When she finished, Iola looked in the mirror and frowned. It was so much shorter than she wanted it to be. Her mother quickly paid and ushered Iola out of the shop before she could get hysterical again.

"You look good." her mother reassured her once they got out of the shop.

Iola didn't think so. "Can I get a hat?" she asked. Her mother gave her a questioning look. "So I can hide my hair under it until it grows." Iola explained.

Just as they reached their car a couple of the popular girls from Iola's school came along. Iola wasn't really friends with them, and they generally didn't pay much attention to her, but this time they headed right for her. "Oh great." mumbled Iola trying to make herself invisible. 'What a time for them to finally notice me' she thought.

"Hi." said one of the girls. "You go to our school, don't you?"

Iola nodded.

"We just wanted to say that we love your haircut. Where did you get it done?" the other girl gushed excitedly as the first girl nodded and smiled.

Iola was speechless. All she could do was point to the hair salon. "Thanks." said the girls as they headed that way.

"Should we go get that hair hiding hat now?" Iola's mother asked as she and Iola got in the car.

"Are you kidding?" replied Iola very seriously. "I'm not hiding this haircut. I'm a trendsetter.   I've never been a trendsetter before." She pulled down her visor and immediately began admiring her new haircut in the mirror.

Iola's mother just smiled.

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