Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Girl Who Dated a Cat

Today's story is not only for my daughter but by my daughter.

Marinda was a beautiful girl. She looked like she was a Disney princess. Some people even saw her and thought she would marry a prince and move to a castle. Then, she would get anything she wanted.  Marinda had different plans she was just taking it slow dating her best friend Angelina's cat, Leo.

Leo was sweet, loving and loyal. Marinda could not find any human guy like that. She was fine with it anyway. She loved Leo and she just knew he loved her too. Marinda went to Angelina's house all the time. Sometimes she went to see Angelina, but other times she came just to see Leo. Leo always looked happy to see her when she got there so she knew he loved her as much as she loved him.

Marinda's family was worried about her. They all knew Marinda could do much better than a cat. Her mom tried all the time to convince her that there were some guys out there as good as a cat like Leo. Her dad told her all about how if she married a cat she could not start a family. That did not work either she did't care what anybody said. She knew she loved Leo and to her that was all that mattered.

As a little girl, Marinda always dreamed of having 4 kids, all girls. Their names would be Layla, Zoey, Madison and Ally. Now that plan was out the window. She would just date. She did't need a big family. All she needed was Leo.

Angelina was starting to feel left out. She felt like she was losing her best friend to her own cat. She wanted Marinda to be happy, but she also did't want to lose her best friend to her cat.

Marinda came to Angelina's house asking for Leo. Angelina  said "Just come up  he's in my bed". She would ask if  Marinda would like to hang out while she was there, but she knew Marinda would say no so she just said nothing else.

Marinda ran up the staircase. When she got to Angelina's room, she slowly walked in and sat on the bed. Right away, she began to pet Leo. Leo got up and moved into her lap and cuddled up. He looked like a  big chubby ball.

One day, Angelina came over with sad news. Angelina's dad got a new job in New York. That meant that Angelina's whole family would be moving including Angelina and Leo. Marinda was so sad. Both her best friend and her boyfriend would be gone. She did not know what to do.

Sadly, the day came when it was time for Angelina and Leo to go. Marinda cried while waving goodbye.  She was too sad to hold back her tears or to even say a word.

The next day, Marinda bumped in to a man at the mall. He looked as if he were a prince and well, it turned out he was one. He and Marinda fell in love at first sight. They grew up, got married, and moved to a beautiful castle. Marinda got everything she wanted even the 4 kids, all girls, Madison, Ally, Layla and Zoey.  They even got their own cat and named her Leah.

Marinda's family was so happy for her. She and the prince took care of them and gave them money.

So, I guess you can say they all  had their happily every after. At least Marinda and her prince did.

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