Thursday, January 7, 2016

Talkative Trixie

Today's story is not only for my daughter but by my daughter.

Trixie Little loved to talk all day long. She went on talking and talking. She never even let anybody else talk. Her little sister, Lillybelle; her older sister, Mara; and her friends were getting sick of never getting to talk. They just started to avoid Trixie.

One day, as Trixie was walking in the park, she saw a group of her friends and started to walk over to them but when she got there they where gone. 'I just saw them. Where did they go?' Trixie thought to herself. She decided to go home and see if Lillybelle wanted to play. She was sure to. She always wanted to play with Trixie. "Do you want you want to play with me Lillybelle? We can play tag or hide and seek or .... and oh, can I be the tagger or the finder or  ... or we can do something like just spending time together . We don't have to play a  game. We can read or write or watch TV or listen to music. We can draw or go to the park and go on the swings or the slide or the monkey bars. We can play in the back yard or well. do you want to play? Oh and what do you want to play?"asked Trixie

"No thanks I'm busy." replied Lillybelle as she ran off as quick as she could.

 Trixie went to talk to Mara. "Mara, want to hang out? We can go to the mall and the SPCA.  I love looking at the dogs and cats but I feel so bad for them because, you know, they do not have homes and it is so sad, right. Like I would be sad and scared if I was an animal without a home or even a person without a home. Do you want to go to the food court we can go to Taco Bell or Wendy's or Nathans We can go to H & M or Crazy 8 or Forever 21 or The Children's Place or Old Navy. Well, do you want to and what do you want to do?"  asked Trixie

"Sorry, I am going to Ally's house." Mara replied running away in the opposite direction of the door to leave.

Trixie ran into Mommys room crying "Mommy, nobody wants me." Trixie said

"What made you think that?" asked Mommy

"First my friends ran  away from me. Than Lillybelle ran from me, and then Mara lied about going to Ally's house and ran away from me." Trixie said though her tears

"We all love you. It is just well, you are very talkative.  I love that and you are very cute but some times you can talk a little too much. You don't let anybody else get a word in. Most people don't like it  when they can't get a word in." Mommy told Trixie

"Okay, Mommy. I will try not to talk so much anymore, and I will try to stop not letting anybody else talk. People will like to be with me and I will have so much fun and...,

Mommy gave her a reminding look.

"Next time, I'll try harder to let other people talk.". Trixie said

From then on, Trixie tried not to talk so much and to let other people talk. Trixie did a good job with that but some times she just could not hold it in,and she started to talk on and on. However, now someone would just tell her she was doing it again. Sometimes,  they even missed it. Then, Trixie had no problem helping them not miss it anymore. Trixie had much more fun from that day on.

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