Friday, January 1, 2016

Payton and the New Year's Party

Today's story is by my daughter and I.

It was almost New Year's Eve. Mommy and Daddy were going to be having a big New Year's party. Five year old, Payton Grimes was so excited. "Should I wear my purple dress or my red dress to the party?" she asked eagerly.

Mommy laughed. "I'm sorry, honey, but you aren't coming to the party."

"What!" exclaimed Payton. "Where am I going to be?"

"You'll be in upstairs in your room." explained Daddy.

"But I want to go to the party!" Payton pouted.

"You're too young. It will be much too late for you. Maybe, when your older."

"You know, I am getting older every second. I will be older then." Payton stated hopefully. Mommy and Daddy just smiled.  That was the end of the discussion.  Payton didn't look forward to New Year's any more.

When New Year's Eve arrived at first Payton just listened to the noise from the party. There was a lot of laughing and talking and music, Payton was jealous.

Finally, she got a brilliant idea. She decided to have her own party. But who could she invite? Her friends wouldn't be allowed to come over so late or even stay up so late. She looked around her room. Wow! She sure had a lot of dolls and stuffed animals. Wait! That was a great idea. She could invite all her dolls and stuffed animals to the party.

She got out her crayons and paper. She sat down with them at her little table. She scribbled out invitations for all her guests and then handed them out.

After that, she got all her dolls and stuffed animals all ready for the party. She dressed all the dolls in their party clothes and brushed their hair. She brushed all the stuffed animals too. Then, she set out her toys dishes and toy food on the floor. She put all the dolls and stuffed animals in a circle around the dishes and she sat in the circle too.

"I'm so glad you could all make it to my New Year's Eve party." she announced gratefully. "Why Mr. Bear, you're looking very handsome today." she said to her favorite brown bear. "And Susie, is that a new dress you're wearing. It looks lovely on you." she told her favorite doll.

Payton partied with her toys and dolls for a while. They were having a lovely time. It was the party of the year according to Payton.

Then, they heard footsteps on the stairs. "Who can that be?" Payton asked her guests. "We didn't invited anybody else."

"Hello, honey." said Mommy sweetly as she poked her head into Payton's room.

Payton frowned at Mommy. "What are you doing here?" she asked.

"I thought you might like to come down and say hello to the party guests." explained Mommy.

Payton shook her head. "No thanks." she replied. "I'm having too much fun at my own party."

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