Saturday, January 9, 2016

Just Hang On It's Friday

When the alarm clock went off at 7:00 in the morning, Deanna Pauley did not want to get up. She quickly turned it off buried her head  deep under her pillow and tried to pretend it had never happened. Just when she had almost fallen back to sleep again, her mother came in and shook her awake not so gently. "Get up, lazy head!" her mother called. "You'll miss your school bus."

At least it was Friday, Deanna thought as she dragged herself out of bed and quickly thrown on some clothes. If she could just hang on for one more school day, the weekend would be here. Deanna smiled thinking of the fun weekend she and her friends had planned.

"Deanna!" shouted her mother anxiously from downstairs. "Hurry up, you're going to miss your bus."

Deanna didn't even have time to eat anything even though she was starving. She just barely had enough time to grab her backpack and race out the door.

The bus ride to school was especially noisy. It gave Deanna a headache. She was actually happy when they pulled up in front of the big brick school building.

She got off the bus and hurried to her classroom. When she opened her backpack, she realized she had forgotten her homework. She couldn't believe it. She never did things like that. She really was not having a very good day. At least, it was Friday. She just had to hang on for one more day.

It was a lot easier said than done. The morning dragged on. They had the most boring substitute who spoke really slowly and made everything sound incredibly boring. Deanna had trouble focusing  and paying attention. She kept just about drifting off and falling asleep. Her head started drooping lower and lower. 

Just when Deanna's head was about to actually hit the desk, the substitute called on her. "What?" replied Deanna in confusion as to what the teacher had actually asked her. She didn't even have any idea what they were talking about. The other kids laughed at the dumb expression on Deanna's face. She blushed and slunk down in her seat. 'Just hang on it's Friday.' she reminded herself.

Finally, it was lunch time. Only lunch wasn't any better. Deanna hadn't had time to make herself lunch, and they weren't serving anything she liked in the cafeteria. Also, it was especially noisy. Deanna's headache came back. 'Friday Friday Friday' she just kept repeating in her mind as she rubbed her temples and tried to make her headache go away.

Deanna would have thought that after lunch things would have gone quicker as so much of the day was already over. However, it didn't turn out that way. They watched the most boring movie Deanna had ever seen in science. She kept staring up at the clock and willing the numbers to movie quicker. They didn't. In fact, even though ,of course,  the numbers were moving at their usual pace, it felt to Deanna like they were moving even slower than usual. She looked up and the time was 2:00. Then, it was 2:05. Then, it was 2:10. No matter how long she thought she waited each time she looked up at the clock, it was only about five minutes later than the time before  When would 2:45 and time to go home ever get here? Why did Friday's have to be so long and slow? They seemed even slower than any other day of the week.

Finally, it was 2:45 and the bell rang signaling that it was the end of the school day. "Alright!" Deanna shouted out with joy and relief. She headed for her school bus. She was so excited to go home that this time the noise didn't even bother her.

When she arrived at her bus stop, she hurried off the bus, rushed into her house, and threw down her backpack next to to the front door. "You seem happy." noted her mother. "How was your day?"

Deanna frowned at the memory of her awful day. "It stunk." she admitted. Her mother gave her a look that indicated she would like to know more about it, but Deanna chose not to go into it. "It doesn't matter anyway, " replied Deanna "because everything is better now."

"Why is that?" asked her mother with interest.

Deanna smiled at her mother surprised that her mother couldn't guess why. "Because it's Friday." she replied to her mother talking  as if she were speaking to a small and not very smart child. 

Deanna's mother shook her head. "It's Thursday." she said.

Deanna's mouth opened wide in horror. It couldn't be, could it? Maybe, her Mom was the one that was confused. The newspaper her Mom was reading said Thursday but it could be the one from yesterday, couldn't it? Deanna hurried into the den and scrambled around until she found the remote control. She quickly turned on the TV. Sure, enough it was only Thursday. "Oh no!" she exclaimed burying her face in her hands. She still had to get through another whole day before the weekend.

Finally, Deanna looked up and forced herself to smile. 'Just hang on. Tomorrow's Friday' she told herself.

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