Friday, January 15, 2016

I'm Just Not Cool Enough

Today's story is not only for my daughter but by my daughter.

Brooklyn Jackson was 6 years old. She lived in a house with her Mommy, her Daddy, her older sister Debby, and her little sister Ellianna. She lived in a kind of small neighborhood where most people were friendly with each other. Brooklyn's best friend in the world since birth  was Kristen. She lived across the street.  Unfortunately. Kristen was going to be moving to a new town in a new neighborhood. Kristen and Brooklyn were both so sad. "Goodbye."  said Brooklyn sadly though her tears.

"Goodbye." replied Kristen just as sadly as Brooklyn. Kristen's Mom called her to go home. She unhappily ran off.

Brooklyn was so sad she hardly did anything anymore.

"I bet someone just as nice as Kristen will move in across the street."" Mommy assured Brooklyn

After two weeks, a new girl  did move in  across the street. It was a 6 year old girl just like Brooklyn.

"Brooklyn someone moved in across the street. I heard they have a 6 year old girl. Why don't you go say hello and welcome her to the neighborhood. Tell her you're Brooklyn, and you want to be her friend." suggested Mommy.

"Okay,mommy." agreed Brooklyn. Mommy started to talk like she was not asking if  Brooklyn wanted to go, but she was telling Brooklyn that she  was going to go. Brooklyn walked across the street. Mommy helped her cross, Brooklyn rang the door bell.

"Hello. How can I help you?" asked a woman that came to the door. She was surely not the 6 year old.

"Hello, I'm Brooklyn. I live across the street. I am 6. I heard a 6 year old lives here."

"I'll get her. Ava! Ava! Ava!" the woman called. A little girl wearing a bright blue dress and shiny black high heels came down the stairs. She wore makeup all over her face. She looked as if she was a teenager

"Who is this?" said Ava with a look of  disgust on her face

"This is Brooklyn. She lives across the street and wants to be your friend." said the woman. She gave Ava an angry look.

"It looks like it came from a barn, and it is not cool. It can not be my friend." said Ava.

Brooklyn ran home trying not to cry in front of Ava. She did not want Ava to think she was a cry baby

"Whats the matter baby?" Mommy asked when Brooklyn got home.

"I'm just not cool enough." Brooklyn said sadly running away. As she ran,she bumped into Debby.

"Whats the matter?" asked  Debby upon seeing that Brooklyn was crying

"I'm just not cool enough" Brooklyn said sadly.

"What matter Bookwyn?"  asked Ellianna seeing she that Brooklyn was crying as Brooklyn ran by her.

"I'm just not cool enough." replied Brooklyn.

The next day Brooklyn saw Ava walking in the street. A car was coming up quickly behind Ava. Brooklyn rushed out and pushed Ava out of the way of the car. They both tumbled onto the grass just in time.

"You are cool enough. You saved my life. Will you be my friend?" asked  Ava

"No, you are just not cool enough" declared Brooklyn.

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