Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Dixie's Dream

Dixie Ebert was fast asleep one night when she was awakened by a sudden noise. She awoke to see a figure in her room. Somehow, she wasn't frightened though. The figure sort of reminded her of her best friend, Charleigh Jacobs except in a more ghostly way. She and Charleigh had been best friends since kindergarten except lately things hadn't been so good between them. They were always fighting. Who are you?" asked Dixie.

"I'm the ghost of your past." replied the figure.

"The ghost of my past?" replied Dixie in surprise. "What the Dickens?"

The next thing she knew Dixie was back in the past. She saw herself and Charleigh on the playground. They were laughing and playing and having a good time. "I know we are going to be best friend's forever." declared Dixie. She smiled at Charleigh.

"I know it too." replied Charleigh as she smiled back.

Then, they were at Dixie's 7th birthday party. They were 20 kids there. "Wow!" exclaimed Dixie as she watched her younger self. "I forgot I used to be really popular."

7 year old, Charleigh was laughing at 7 year old,  Dixie. "You're so much fun!" she exclaimed with a huge smile.

"I did use to be fun." said Dixie with a sigh turning away from her younger self.

Then, she was suddenly in her room again. She shook her head wondering what had just happened. She had barely had time to process it when she was visited by another figure. This one reminded her of her mother. "Mommy?" she said.

"I'm the ghost of your present." said the figure.

Before Dixie could ask another question, she was whisked away again. This time, she was at Charleigh's house. She was with a group of girls. "I asked Dixie to come with us, but she just wanted to stay home." explained Charleigh to the girls. "She is getting to be such an old fuddy duddy."

"Yeah." replied another one of the girls. "She used to be fun."

"When did I stop being fun?" Dixie wondered just before she was quickly whisked away again. She was once more back in her room. There was somebody there with her but she couldn't see who it was because their face was entirely covered by a hood. The person or creature or whatever it was beckoned her to go with it. Dixie was frightened and reluctant to go. However, it gently took her arm and steered her in the direction it wanted her to go.

This time apparently they had gone into the future because the figure led her to a cafe with a bunch of computers and she could see on one of the computer screens that the date was ten years in the future. She leaned closer and she could see that the article open on the computer screen was about a crazy cat lady who lived all alone with a house full of cats. When she leaned closer and starting reading the article she could see that it was a story about herself.  She jumped back and opened her mouth to scream, but as soon as she opened her mouth, everything faded away again, and she felt as if she was floating through space.

Then suddenly, Dixie opened her eyes and found that she was in her own room in her bed. It was all a dream or was it? She checked the date on her phone just to be sure and was happy to see that it was the present day.  She was so happy not to be an old cat lady. She quickly got dressed and practically ran all the way to Charleigh's house.

Charleigh was surprised to see her. "Hi Dixie," she said. "What are you doing here?" she asked.

"I've missed you Charleigh." replied Dixie. "I missed all the fun we used to have together. I am sorry we've been fighting so much."

"I've missed you too." declared Charleigh tightly hugging her friend. "I'm sorry I have to cut our  reunion short though." she apologized.  "I already made plans to go to a movie with a bunch of kids from school. I know that it would be too much of a crowd for you."

"Oh, but I want to go." insisted Dixie.

"You do?" asked Charleigh in surprise this certainly wasn't the Dixie she knew.

"Yes I do," declared Dixie.  She smiled at Charleigh.

Charleigh smiled back. "I'm glad you're coming. I like the new you or should I say the return of the old  you."

Dixie knew she wasn't completely back to her old self yet, but at least she had taken the first step.

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