Saturday, January 23, 2016

Bobbi Sue Doesn't Want A Bath

Bobbi Sue Peters loved to play outside. She liked nothing better than to spend her whole day running around outside playing in the dirt and grass. What she didn't like was to come inside. What she really hated was to take a bath.

"Bobbi Sue!" Mommy called her. "Bobbi Sue, it's time to come in!"

Bobbi Sue hide behind the big oak tree in the front yard hoping Mommy would just go away. No such luck. Mommy just kept calling and calling and each time she called Mommy's voice just got closer and closer. Her voice got angrier and angrier too. Bobbi Sue didn't know whether to run away or face the scolding she was sure to get. She ended up not doing anything. She stood glued to the spot behind the tree.

"Bobbi Sue!" reprimanded Mommy when she finally found Bobbie Sue. "I've been calling you and calling you. It's time to come in for your bath."

Bobbi Sue frowned. "Aw, mommy!" she sighed unhappily. "Do I have ta?" Mommy nodded as she started leading Bobbi Sue into the house. "But Mommy," Bobbi Sue protested. "I'm only a little dirty."

Mommy looked Bobbi Sue over. Bobbi Sue was covered from head to toe in dirt. There wasn't a clean spot on her. Mommy laughed. "Only a little?" she replied. "I think you got that backwards. You only left a little bit of dirt on the ground."

Mommy led Bobbi Sue into the house. "March right upstairs!" she instructed, "and don't touch anything on the way!" Bobbi Sue groaned but did as she was told. Mommy followed her up the stairs. Mommy filled the tub with water while Bobbi Sue took off her dirty clothes.  "Get in the tub." Mommy demanded once the tub was filled.

"Do I have ta?" asked Bobbi Sue hoping that this time the answer would be different.

"Now!" insisted Mommy angrily pointing to the tub.

Bobbi Sue slowly climbed into the water filled tub and sat down. She had to admit the warm water felt  kind of nice on her skin. "Ah!" she said. She wished she didn't have to wash, and she could just sit there relaxing in the tub. That would probably get boring after a while anyway she figured. She didn't know how grown-ups could just sit there for hours in the tub without doing anything.

Mommy opened the bathroom closet to get Bobbi Sue a washcloth. "What's that?" asked Bobbi Sue noticing a big box on the top shelf.

Mommy looked up. "Those were Brendan's bath toys." Brendan was Bobbi Sue's older brother. He was in middle school. He was in 7th grade. Bobbi Sue was only in first grade.

"Why aren't they Brendan's toys anymore?" asked Bobbi Sue curiously."When did he have them? I never saw him play with them."

"He had them when he was about your age. We took them away because he wouldn't stop splashing." explained Mommy. "Then, we just forgot about them, and he got too old for them."

"Can I play with them?" begged Bobbi Sue. "I promise I won't splash."

"After you wash." Mommy told her. Bobbi Sue sighed unhappily, but with Mommy's help she quickly scrubbed herself clean. It was the fastest she had ever gotten washed. Usually she kept squirming around in the tub and moving out of Mommy's reach and it took a long time.

"Now, can I play with the toys?" she asked hopefully. Mommy took the box off the shelf and put it on the floor next to the tub where Bobbi Sue could reach it. Bobbi Sue immediately grabbed for the box. She took out several rubber ducks of various sizes and colors, a couple of different colored boats and one or two other toys and put them into the tub with her. She began playing with them. She had such a good time playing with the toys she decided she didn't care if she had to stay in the tub forever.

However, after about a half hour, which felt to Bobbi Sue like hardly any time at all, Mommy told her it was time to get out of the bath. "Do I have to?" asked Bobbi Sue unhappily. "Five more minutes." she begged.

"Okay." agreed Mommy. "Five more minutes."

"Yay!" exclaimed Bobbi Sue excitedly clapping her hands. She went back to playing with the toys.

Five minutes passed very quickly. Much quicker than Bobbi Sue would have liked. "Can I have another five minutes?" she begged when the time was up. This time Mommy shook her head no and wouldn't change her mind no matter how much Bobbi Sue begged. She made Bobbi Sue get out of the tub.

As soon as Bobbi Sue was dried off and in her pajamas, she asked eagerly. "Mommy, can I have another bath now?"

"Tomorrow." replied Mommy.

"Oh phooey!" exclaimed Bobbi Sue. She wanted to take another bath now. She couldn't wait until it was tomorrow.

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