Monday, January 25, 2016

Alea Wonders

Alea Carroll was a very curious girl.  She was curious about everything. She wanted to know  everything there was to know about everything. She was always asking questions.

Alea was sitting out on the porch one day. Her mother came out of the house. "What are you doing?" she asked Alea.

"Oh just sitting around." replied Alea sadly. She was really rather bored.

"It's too nice of a day to just be sitting around." declared her mother. "Why don't we go for a walk?" she suggested.

"Oh yes. That would be great!" exclaimed Alea excitedly jumping up out her seat. Alea loved going on walks with her mother. They saw all kinds of fun and interesting things on their walks. They weren't always things that were fun and interesting to other people but they were fun and interesting to Alea.

Alea and her mother had only gone a few steps on their walk when a  little gray cat crossed their path. "Oh! exclaimed Alea, "What a cute little kitty!" She scooped down to pet it.

"Be careful, Alea." warned her Mother. "You shouldn't pet unfamiliar animals. They might bite you or carry a disease or something."

Alea ignored her mother. She kept petting the little cat. The cat seemed friendly and began to purr happily. Alea smiled at the little cat. She felt like it was smiling back at her too. "Do you think cats can really smile?" she asked her mother.

"I don't know." replied her mother.

"Well, I think this one is grinning at me." declared Alea.

Finally, Alea's mother made her leave the little cat. They continued on their walk. Alea spied a brown bunny jumping in the grass.  She tried to chase after the rabbit but couldn't find it. She ran back to her mother. "Do you think that the rabbit was late for an appointment?" she asked her mother, "He seemed in a awful hurry."

"I don't know." replied her mother.

They continued on their walk. Soon they passed a couple of little girls wearing princess dresses sitting out on the lawn in front of a big blue house. They were sitting at a folding table. The table was covered with a little pink tea set. There were little cups, little plates, little spoons, a little sugar bowl, a little milk pitcher, and a little teapot.

"Oh, what fun!" exclaimed Alea. "They're having a a tea party."

  "Would you like some tea?" the little girls asked Alea and her mother.

"Yes,  I would." replied Alea. She hurried over and drank some of the girls' pretend tea out a of one of their little pink cups. "That was delicious!" she exclaimed when she finished. "Thank you very much." The two little girls smiled happily at Alea.

Alea and her mother continued walking. "Do you think that animals have tea parties?" asked Alea.

"I don't know." replied her mother.

They continued walking. They passed a little boy eating an ice cream cone. He was struggling to keep up with a group of bigger boys. Alea felt sorry for him. "I bet he wishes that ice cream cone would make him bigger." she said.

Next they passed a boy sitting on a chair drinking a soda. He was much to big for the chair and his legs spilled over the sides. Alea felt sorry for him too. "I bet he wishes that drink would make him smaller." she said.

It was getting late. "It's time to head home." Alea's mother told her.

"Oh." said Alea disappointedly. She was enjoying their walk. She hated for it to be over. She was getting a little hungry though so she would be glad to go home and have dinner.

Luckily, this time they didn't see the boy drinking the soda or the boy eating the ice cream cone. That would have just made Alea more hungry.

They did pass the little girls who had been having the tea party. This time they were packing up everything  and taking it into the house.  Alea stopped to admire their pretty princess dresses. She hadn't really noticed them the first time. One girl was dressed like Cinderella and the other was dressed like Rapunzel.

"I would like to meet a real princess or a queen one day." declared Alea as she and her mother continued toward home. "Do you think a queen would cut-off our heads if we displeased her?"

"Alea!" exclaimed her mother. "Why would you ask a question like that?"

"I just wondered." explained Alea.

"You wonder about a lot of things, don't you?" said her mother.

"I wonder about everything." replied Alea.

"Yes, you certainly do." declared her mother smiling at Alea.

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