Monday, December 21, 2015


Brandi Whalen was the little sister. Brooke was the big sister. Brandi hated being the the little sister. She couldn't wait to be older. She wanted to do the things that Brooke did. She wanted to have the things that Brooke had. She wanted to go the places that Brooke went.

Brooke had her own phone. She talked on it at all hours of the day and night. When she was wasn't talking on her phone she would be texting, playing games or watching YouTube on it. Brandi wanted a phone. "Can I have a phone?" she asked Mommy and Daddy.

"When your older." they replied.

Brandi sighed. "When will I be older?" she wondered unhappily.

Brooke got to wear makeup. Brandi wanted to wear make up. She couldn't wait to have colorful eyes and lips and rosy looking checks. She wanted to paint her nails pretty colors too. Brooke looked so pretty with all her make up on. Brandi wanted to look pretty too."Can I wear makeup?" she asked Mommy eagerly.

"When you're older." replied Mommy.

Brandi sighed. "When will I be older?" she wondered unhappily.

Brooke had a driver's license. She had a little red used car that she drove around in with all her friends. They went shopping. They went to to the beach. They went to the movies. Brandi wanted to go too. "Can you take me shopping?" she asked Brooke hopefully

"Forget it, squirt." replied Brooke frowning,

"Can you take me to the beach?" inquired Brandi wishfully.

"No way, kiddo." replied Brooke shaking her head.

"Can you take me to the movies?" begged Brandi.

Brooke didn't reply. She just gave Brandi an angry glare. It was a glare that told Brandi there was no way that Brooke was going to take Brandi anywhere, and she better just leave Brooke alone.

"When can I get a car?" Brandi asked Daddy.

Daddy laughed at Brandi's eagerness. "You don't even have a driver's license." he reminded her.

"When can I get a driver's license?" asked Brandi eagerly.

"When you're older." replied Daddy.

Brandi frowned. "When am I going to be older?" she wondered miserably.

The next week, Brooke got grounded for coming in late, and she wasn't allowed to use her phone. She  had an allergic reaction to some make-up she'd been wearing and she developed an angry pink rash on her face. She didn't have time to drive in her car with her friends because she was too busy running errands for Mom and Dad. She was miserable. "What are you looking at?" she glared angrily when she saw caught Brooke giving her a pitying look. "Just wait until you're older."

"That's okay," replied Brandi. "I'm good." and she suddenly found she wasn't in a hurry to be older at all.

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