Wednesday, December 23, 2015

It's Not Easy Being Twins

Today's story is not only for my daughter but by my daughter.

Lillian and Addison Banks were 10 year old twins. They where always fighting but, they did love each other. "Mom, can we go to the mall?" asked Lillian.

"Sorry, Lillian. Addison asked me if we can go to Taco Bell, Payless, Nordstorms, and Macy's. replied Mommy.

"But mom, all of those stores can be found in the mall. Why can't we just go to the mall?" begged Lillian.

"You can't because I already asked!" stated Addison

"Addison, you always get what you want, It's not fair. I never get anything!" complained Lillian.

Later that day... 

"What do you girls want for dinner?" asked Mommy.

"Can we have bagels, please mom?" asked Addison hopefully.

"No mom, Can we have macaroni?" asked Lillian 

"Why don't we get a pizza? suggested mommy

"I guess that will be good.I do love pizza." agreed Addison

"I love pizza too."  stated Lillian

"Great! We'll order a pizza." said Mom

After dinner, they decided to go to the park.

"I'll race you to the top of the monkey bars!" blurted out Addison

"Okay, but be ready to lose!" advised Lillian. 

When they got to the top, they started to fight about who really got to the top first. "I got to the top first." said Addison.

"No I did!" argued Lillian. Lillian lightly pushed Addison. Addison lightly pushed Lillian back. Lillian did it again but a little harder this time. Addison did the same. Once again, Lillian pushed Addison, She only meant to push Addison a tiny bit harder, but she accidentally pushed too hard. Addison went flying off the monkey bars.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" yelled Addison in pain. Lillian came running down the monkey bars. Mommy came running from the bench she was sitting on.

Mommy picked up Addison and carried her into the car. They went right to the hospital to make sure that Addison did not  have any broken bones.

"You have a broken arm." said the doctor.

The doctor put  gave Addison's arm in a cast. Then, they went home.

"I'm so so sorry I did't know that would happen." said Lillian sadly.

"It is okay. I know you did't mean it." replied Addison.

"From now on, I will be way more careful and nice to you." said Lillian.

"I will too." agreed Addison

"I'm glad to see you girls getting along." said Mommy.

From then on, Lillian and Addison kept their promise. They where both nicer to each other and more careful of each other. But, they were still twins, so they sometimes still did fight, but not nearly as much as they did before.

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