Thursday, December 17, 2015

I Can Do That!

Ayla Summers was five years old. Her little sister Airlea was just a baby. Ayla could do everything that Airlea could do and even more. So why was everybody so endlessly fascinated by what Airlea could do? Ayla just couldn't understand it.

"Look!" declared Mommy excitedly. "Airlea is smiling."

Ayla frowned. 'You call that a smile?' thought Ayla. "I can smile!" she said out loud displaying a wide toothy grin. Nobody noticed. They were too busy fussing over Airlea.

Just then, Grandma arrived. Airlea just barely moved her hand a little bit. "Oh, Airlea!" gushed Grandma happily. "Are you waving at me?"

Ayla shook her head sadly. 'You can call that a wave?' she thought. "I can wave!" she said out loud. She raised her hand high in the air and waved vigorously.  Nobody paid attention. They were too busy fussing over Airlea.

They went in the house. Mommy had made lunch. Everyone sat down at the table to eat and Mommy passed out the plates full of food. Airlea started babbling something in her baby language.

"Airlea!." Daddy exclaimed enthusiastically. "Are you talking to us?"

Ayla rolled her eyes. 'Those aren't even words.' she thought. "I can talk!" she said. "My name is Ayla Summers. I am five years old. ..."  Ayla went on and on talking. Nobody noticed. They were too busy fussing over Airlea. So Ayla talked more and got louder.

Finally. she got so loud that they had to notice. Mom turned and looked at Ayla. Ayla smiled proudly and continued talking, but Mommy frowned. "Ayla," she scolded. "Stop talking so much and eat your lunch before it gets cold."

Ayla shrank down in her chair. Suddenly, she didn't feel much like talking. She didn't feel much like eating either. She didn't feel much like doing anything.

"What's the matter?" Grandma asked Ayla worriedly. "I thought grilled cheese was your favorite." she said pointing to the uneaten sandwich on Ayla's plate

Ayla just shrugged, but didn't say anything. She stared at her plate but didn't make a move to eat. She just looked  over at Airlea. Mommy and Daddy were still fussing over her.

"Airlea," trilled Mommy in a singsong voice. "Are you eating?"

Ayla kicked her chair and frowned. " I can eat!" she said, but she didn't take a bite of her sandwich or even pick it up. She was too sad to eat. She just wanted someone to notice her.

"Ayla," replied Grandma with a smile and a laugh. "Why, of course, you can eat!" Ayla looked up at Grandma surprised that someone had finally noticed her. She just stared but didn't say anything.

"Of course, you can eat." Grandma repeated. "Where do you think Airlea learned it from?" Ayla shrugged her shoulders to indicate she had no idea. "From you." replied Grandma. "From her big sister. Where do you think she learns how to do everything she knows how to do?"

"From me?" asked Ayla uncertainly.

"That's right! exclaimed Grandma nodding. "She learns everything from her big sister."

"She does?" asked Ayla.

Grandma nodded again. "Of course, she does."

"I must be a good big sister." stated Ayla with a mixture of pride and surprise.

"You must be," agreed Grandma.

Suddenly, Ayla felt  much better. She happily hugged Grandma tightly. "I love you." she whispered. That was something Airlea couldn't do Ayla realized. Airlea couldn't say "I love you." 'Maybe, someday, I'll teach her that too thought.' Ayla. She smiled at her little sister. Then, she picked up her sandwich and began to eat her lunch.

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