Sunday, December 27, 2015

Faye Marie Takes a Fall

Faye Marie Saldano was out in the front yard playing in the dirt. Her big brother, Eddie was throwing a baseball around. He threw it in the air and caught it and threw it in the air and caught it over and over again. "Look out, Faye Marie!" he shouted as the ball skittered away from him and headed toward his sister.

In a split second, Faye Marie lunged out of the way, but in the process she tripped over a tree branch that was lying on the ground and fell over just as the ball sailed by inches from her head. She quickly grabbed her foot and started howling in pain.

"Aw! Faye Marie!" exclaimed Eddie. "The ball didn't even hit you."

Faye Marie looked up and glared at her brother through her tears just as all the commotion brought Mommy rushing out of the house.

"What's the matter?" Mommy asked worriedly looking from one of her children to the other for an answer.

"I fell." sobbed Faye Marie.  She didn't mention anything about the wayward baseball.

Eddie sighed in relief hopeful that there was no way their Mom could blame him for this.

"Eddie," reprimanded their mother. "Why weren't you watching your sister more carefully?"The look she gave him told him that there was no use even arguing with her and trying to convince her that he wasn't at fault.

"Sorry, ma." he replied quickly bowing his head down and staring at the ground.

Mommy quickly turned her attention to Faye Marie. "What's the matter, baby?" she gushed sweetly. "What hurts you?"

Faye Marie pointed to her left foot. Mommy gently lifted Faye Marie's foot and examined it carefully. It wasn't swollen, but it was very red. "I don't think it's broken or anything." announced Mommy. "Why don't you come in the house and put some ice on it?" she suggested. She helped Faye Marie into the house and carefully settled her on the couch with a bag of ice on her foot.

"Mommy, I'm cold." whined Faye Marie.

Mommy quickly got her a yellow woolen blanket and put it around her.

"Mommy, it still hurts." complained Faye Marie after a few minutes with the ice on her foot.

Mommy put on the TV to distract Faye Marie from the pain of her injury."You just let me know if you need anything else, my sweet baby." Mommy told her.

Eddie, who by now had come back into the house as well, rolled his eyes.

"Mommy, " called Faye Marie. "Can I have some hot chocolate?"

"Sure baby." promised Mommy. She went in the kitchen to make some.

"Can I have some too?" asked Eddie.

Mommy reached into the cabinet and pulled out the box of Swiss Miss hot chocolate. There was only one packet left. "I'm sorry. I don't have enough." she said to Eddie. She quickly made some for Faye Marie and brought it to her on the couch.

When she was finished Faye Marie called Mommy to come and take her glass and get her some cookies.  Eddie rolled his eyes again.

The rest of the day, Faye Marie rested on the couch as Mommy fussed over her, fetching things for her and changing channels for her and constantly asking if she was feeling any better. Of course, the answer was always no.

When Daddy came home, he started fussing over Faye Marie too. He actually sat and played a board game with her before dinner, and that was something that never happened. Usually Dad wanted to relax before dinner. They even let Faye Marie eat her dinner from a little tray table on the couch in front of the TV instead of coming to the kitchen table.

Eddie frowned jealously. "You know, I hurt my leg at baseball practice the other day." he announced suddenly as Mommy was carrying Faye Marie's dessert out to her.

"Oh." said Daddy curiously "and, you're just mentioning it now? I guess it doesn't hurt that much."

"I think it's a slow developing injury," explained Eddie. "the kind that gets worse as time goes on."

"Just take a long hot bath, and you'll be fine." Mommy assured him  overhearing Eddie and Daddy's conversation as she re-entered the kitchen.

Eddie frowned even deeper. That was not the answer he was hoping to hear. He was hoping to get just a little bit of all that attention Faye Marie was receiving.

At bedtime, Daddy carried Faye Marie up the stairs to her room. Mommy carefully helped her put on her pajamas. They didn't even make her stand up to brush her teeth or put her dirty clothes in the hamper. They just gently tucked her bed and kissed her and told her they hoped she felt better in the morning.

The next morning, Mommy was making eggs for breakfast when she was surprised to see Faye Marie come limping into the kitchen. "What's wrong?" she asked worriedly.

"My foot still hurts." explained Faye Marie wincing in pain and grabbing her right foot.

Mommy couldn't help smiling at Faye Marie. "Then why were  you limping on your other foot and why are you holding your other foot?" asked Mommy.

"Oh." whispered Faye Marie quickly putting her foot down and  sliding into her chair. She quickly stopped acting like she was in any pain.

Now, it was Eddie's turn to smile. He was glad everything would be back to normal now.

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