Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Cat and Hanukkah Mouse

Christmas Cat and Hanukkah  Mouse were arguing over whose holiday was better. "We get presents for eight nights." said Hanukkah Mouse.

"We get a whole bunch of presents at once." said Christmas Cat.

"We light candles and say prayers." said Hanukkah Mouse.

"You have to pray to get presents?" asked Christmas Cat. "We just wake up and they are just there under the tree."

"Yeah, from some jolly fat man." laughed Hanukkah Mouse. "Ours come from our Moms and Dads."

"We have Christmas cookies." said Christmas Cat.

"We have potato latkes." replied Hanukkah Mouse.

"Well, I'd rather eat cookies than potatoes." answered Christmas Cat.

"Hanukkah colors are blue and white." said Hanukkah Mouse.

"Christmas colors are red and green." replied Christmas Cat.

"Do those colors even go together?" asked Hanukkah Mouse.

"We have Santa Claus." said Christmas Cat.

"We have Judah Macabee." replied Hanukkah Mouse.

"Everybody knows Santa Claus." replied Christmas Cat. "How many people know that guy?"

"We light menorahs and spin dreidels." said Hannukah Mouse.

"We decorate our houses with  colored  lights and trim Christmas trees." replied Christmas Cat.

"Trim?" replied  Hanukkah Mouse. "Why put them up if you are just going to cut them down?"

"We don't cut them down. We decorate them with tinsel and ornaments." said Christmas Cat.

"We have songs." said Hanukkah Mouse.

"Not as many as we have." replied Christmas Cat.

"True." admitted  Hanukkah Mouse.

"And we have a special name for them." added Christmas Cat. "We call them Christmas Carols."

"Carol?" said Hanukkah Mouse, "Isn't that a girl's name? Are only girls allowed to sing them?"

"Anyone can sing a Christmas Carol " said Christmas Cat. "We go door to door and sing them."

"Isn't that kind of dangerous?" asked Hanukkah Mouse.

"We don't have to go in people's house." replied Christmas Cat.

"That's a relief." sighed Hanukkah Mouse.

"We get off from school for Christmas." said Christmas Cat.

"We sometimes get off for Hanukkah." replied Hanukkah Mouse, "but it sometimes easier when we don't because we are so busy that the day goes faster and the next night of Hanukkah seems to come quicker."

"We don't have to wait for a next night." said Christmas Cat. "Once Christmas comes it's here."

"What about the song The Twelve Nights of Christmas?" asked Hanukkah Mouse.

"That's just a song." said Christmas Cat.

"Oh." said Hanukkah Mouse.

"Did you really make a little driedel out of clay? " asked Christmas Cat.

"No." replied Hanukkah Mouse."but I am sure some people really do."

"Hmm." said Christmas Cat.

"Hmm, what?" asked Hanukkah Mouse.

"Your holiday sounds fun." admitted Christmas Cat.

"Yours does too." replied Hanukkah Mouse. "I'd like to put up decorations and trim a Christmas tree."

"And I like to light a menorah and spin a dreidel." said Christmas Cat.

"Why don't you come to my house for Hanukkah?" suggested Hanukkah Mouse.

"Why thanks. I'd love to," answered Christmas Cat. "and, why don't you come over to my house for Christmas?"

"I'd love to." replied Hanukkah Mouse.

"Do you know what's better than two holidays celebrated separately?" asked Christmas Cat.

"What?" asked Hanukkah Mouse.

"Two celebrating two holidays together." replied Christmas Cat.

"Without a doubt." said Hanukkah Mouse, "I'll see you for Christmas."

"And, I'll see you for Hanukkah." replied Christmas Cat.

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