Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Surprise for Sammi

Today's story is not only for my daughter, but by my daughter.

Sammi Hannigan was not an ordinary 10 year old. She was special. Unlike most kids her age, she would do anything to accomplish a goal. More then anything she wanted a kitten and a puppy. Unlike most kids, she was saving up her allowance money.

"SURPRISE." yelled Mommy and Daddy as Sammi walked downstairs. "Happy birthday!"  cried Mommy.

"Thanks mommy." replied Sammi.

"Ready for your presents?" asked Mommy

"Okay." agreed Sammi. As Sammi opened the present, she wondered what it could be. Maybe, it was  the stuffed cheetah she looked at  at Target or the clothes she liked at Kohl.  Maybe it was even the hamster she looked at when they were at Petco. The box had holes. Sammi thought it was broken. When Sammi opened the box, something jumped out. It was too fast to see what it was. It startled her so much that she jumped, but she quickly realized what her present was. It was a tiny calico cat with orange spots and a tiny pomeranian puppy. "I will name my cat Callie and my puppy Missy." said Sammi. Time went by so fast that Sammi didn't even realize it was time for bed.

"Time for bed Sammi." reminded Mom. That night, Sammi saw a giant shadow coming closer and closer to her. Then, the shadow jumped up on her. It was just Callie and Missy. The next morning, Sammi was having a play date with her best friend, Lizzie. Sammi opened the door to leave.

"Wait! I forgot my pictures of Callie and Missy. I want to show them to Lizzie." Sammi declared. She ran upstairs to get them, but she didn't realize that she forgot to close the front door. Before she got back, when no one was looking, Missy ran out.

"Are you ready, Sammi?" Mommy asked.

"Yes" replied Sammi. When Sammi got home, she was ready to feed Callie and Missy. She went to her room where she last saw them. Callie was sitting on her bed,but Missy was gone "Mommy I can't find Missy!"

"Don't worry. I"ll help you look." offered Mommy.

"Thanks Mommy." Sammi answered They looked everywhere in the house. By the time they were done,  it was Sammi's bedtime.

"Time for bed." Mommy said.

"But we have not found Missy yet!" exclaimed Sammi,

"We will look outside the house tomorrow. "promised Mommy.

"Fine"  agreed Sammi. That night neither Sammi nor Callie could sleep. They both missed Missy so much. 

"Wake up, Sammi." whispered Mommy.

"Is it time to look for Missy?" Sammi asked hopefully.

"Not yet. First it's time for breakfast".

"Okay." Sammi said disappointedly. That was not like Sammi. Sammi loved breakfast. It was her favorite meal.

"Don't forget to feed  Callie, Sammi"  reminded Mommy.

"I won't." Sammi  said. She didn't even touch her breakfast.  Callie didn't touch her food ether. Finally, it was time to look for Missy. They did not have much luck with that. 

Days went by with no sign of Missy anywhere. Sammi and Callie just lay in bed all day doing nothing. They were too sad to do anything else. 

One day, Daddy was going to work. "Goodbye Sammi." he told her.

"Bye, Daddy."  Sammi replied.

Later that day, when Daddy got home, he called. "Sammi! I have surprise for you!"

Sammi started to come down the staircase. The second she saw, Daddy had Missy, she and Callie both ran down the rest of the way .

"Where did you find her?"  Sammi asked

"On my way home from work." answered Daddy.

"She must have ran out when I went to get the pictures" said Sammi. "From now on, I will never leave the door open or at least I'll try not to."  Sammi said with a smile.

photo credits
photo credit 1: Calico Kitten approx. 6 weeks via photopin (license)
photo credit 2:  Pomeranian via photopin (license)

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