Saturday, October 31, 2015

Jackie and the Jack-O-Lantern

Today's post is not only for my daughter but by my daughter

Jackie was a 6 year old little girl. She was excited because it was almost Halloween.  She was going to make a Jack-O- Lantern later that day. 

"Good morning!" declared Mommy as she woke up Jackie.

"Can I make my Jack- O-Lantern now?!" shouted Jackie excitedly.

"Not yet Jackie maybe after breakfast." answered Mommy.

"Okay mommy. replied Jackie sadly." Jackie gulped down her food as fast she could without choking on it. "I'm done eating. Now, can I carve my pumpkin?" asked Jackie hopefully.

"Wait until I finish eating. While you wait, you can draw what you want on your pumpkin on a paper. That way when I am ready to carve it for you I know what to make on it." suggested Mommy.

"Okay mommy." Jackie shrugged sadly. It only took mommy a couple more minutes to finish eating but to Jackie it seemed like hours.

"Okay, Jackie, I'm ready to carve your pumpkin." said Mommy

"Finally!" replied Jackie happily. She made a happy pumpkin not a scary pumpkin. When mommy finished the pumpkin, Jackie looked at it like something was wrong. Mommy was worried  that she had done the carving wrong.

"Is something wrong with the pumpkin? Did I not carve it the way you wanted it, Jackie?" Mommy asked worriedly.

"No, mommy,  it is not that. You carved it just the way I wanted it. The carving looks perfect. I can just tell that something is missing. It still needs something." Jackie said

"Do you know what it needs?" asked mommy

"Not yet mommy." answered Jackie "Wait!,  I got it!" she said excitedly as she ran up to her room. She came back with her butterfly costume from her very first Halloween. She had  kept it all these years. She ran to the kitchen where mommy was sitting with the pumpkin. She put the costume on the pumpkin. "It is still missing something."  she said disappointedly. Jackie ran back  up to her room and came back with a princess crown. She put the crown on the pumpkin. "Perfect." she said.

"How cute!"  You and your pumpkin are both being butterfly princesses." replied Mommy.

"Next year, we can be brides!" Jackie declared enthusiastically, "and, the year after that we can be angels, and the next year we can be 50s girls and the year after that ...

Mommy laughed as Jackie continued to eagerly plan future Halloweens.

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