Saturday, March 21, 2015

Carissa Takes Care

Carissa woke up to the sound of her baby sister, Cora crying. The crying just seemed to go on and on. Carissa tried burying her head under her pillow, but the loud noise didn't stop. Carissa wondered where Mommy was. She dragged herself out of bed and went down the hall to Mommy's room.

Mommy was lying in bed still sleeping. That wasn't like Mommy. Carissa went over to the bed and looked her mother over carefully. Mommy didn't look too good. She was kind of pale.  "Are you okay? Mommy?" whispered Carissa.

Mommy woke up and opened her eyes and groaned weakly. "Are you okay?" repeated Carissa. Mommy shook her head no. Carissa touched Mommy's head with her hand like she'd seen Mommy do to her and Cora many times. Mommy's head was really hot. "You're sick, Mommy." declared Carissa. "You better lie down." She helped Mommy lie back down on the bed and tucked the covers around her.

After Mommy was all tucked back in bed, Carissa went to Cora's room and got her out of bed. She got some cereal and poured it  into a bowl for Cora. She poured one for herself too. They ate the cereal plain because Carissa wasn't allowed to pour the milk. They ate sitting on the family room couch and watching TV. They usually weren't allowed to eat in the family room or watch TV when they ate, but Carissa didn't think Mommy would mind just this one time. Carissa wasn't allowed to put Cora in her highchair and the TV kept Cora busy so she didn't ask for Mommy.

"Juice!" exclaimed Cora loudly when she finished her cereal.

"Shh!" warned Carissa. "You'll wake up, Mommy!"

"Mommy!" exclaimed Cora suddenly missing her mother. "Mommy,'" she repeated. She toddled toward the stairs.

"Mommy's not feeling well, Cora." Carissa told her. She quickly ushered Cora into the kitchen. "Let's get juice." she said.

Cora didn't really understand about Mommy being sick, but she got sidetracked by the prospect of getting the juice she wanted. She forgot all about going to find Mommy and happily sipped the juice Carissa handed her.

After they ate, Carissa played with Cora and took care of her all morning. Then, she made them both sandwiches for lunch and gave them each another juice boxes.They ate in front of the TV  again.

After lunch, Cora sleepily rubbed her eyes. She slumped against Carissa tiredly. "I think it's time for a nap." declared Carissa.

As soon as she heard the word "nap", Cora jumped out of her seat and started running away. "No nap!" she called loudly running off.

"Shh!" Carissa said in a loud whisper. She didn't want Cora to wake up Mommy. She quickly chased after Cora. She finally caught up to Cora and grabbed her hand and led her up the stairs.

Cora pouted at the sight of her bed. "How about we lie down together?" suggested Carissa. Cora instantly brightened. They lay down on the bed together. Cora sighed contently. She closed her eyes and soon drifted off to sleep. Carissa quietly slipped out of the bed and went to check on Mommy.

Mommy opened her eyes as Carissa entered the room. She tried to get up, but she was weak and she still looked pale. "Don't get up, Mommy." insisted Carissa. "You just lie down and rest."

"Cora," cried Mommy worriedly as she tried to get out of bed again.

"Cora's fine." Carissa assured her. "I gave her breakfast and lunch, and now she is taking a nap."

Mommy looked quizzically at Carissa. She could barely get Cora to take a nap. She didn't understand how Carissa could have done it.

Carissa laughed. "I have my ways." she said mysteriously. She smiled at Mommy and Mommy smiled back weakly.

"Are you hungry?" Carissa asked. Mommy shook her head no. "Are you thirsty?" asked Carissa. When Mommy nodded, Carissa went into the bathroom and got her some water.

"Thank you." Mommy replied when Carissa handed it to her. She drank the whole cup of water and then, Carissa got her some more.

"Now, you rest." insisted Carissa when Mommy had finished drinking. She helped Mommy tuck herself back under the covers.  Mommy closed her eyes and was soon sleeping again. Carissa gently kissed Mommy just like Mommy always did to her when she was sick. Then, she went to find something to do until Cora woke up.

When Cora woke up, Carissa went  and got them a snack of cheese bites and crackers. Then, she played with Cora for the rest of the afternoon.

Finally, Daddy arrived home from work. "Daddy!" Cora exclaimed excitedly.

Daddy picked her up and kissed her. "Pumpkin!" he said. It was his special name for Cora. He set her down and went over to Carissa and kissed her too. "Hello, Princess." he greeted her. Princess was his special name for Carissa.

"Hi, daddy." she replied.

"Where's Mommy?" inquired Daddy.

"Mommy sick." declared Cora.

Daddy's eyebrows raised. He looked at Carissa as if to ask if it was true. Carissa nodded as if to confirm what Cora had already said. "Who's taking care of you two?" asked Daddy.

"I am Daddy." replied Carissa. "I made us breakfast, and lunch. I got Cora to take a nap. I got us a snack. I played with Cora. I even took care of Mommy too."  she announced proudly.

Daddy smiled. He was proud of Carissa too. "You're a good girl." he said kissing her. "Now, it's my turn to take care of you. How about after I check on Mommy, I make us all some burgers for dinner?"

Carissa nodded happily. Burgers were her favorite and she was really hungry. It had been a long day. Carissa was proud of the way she had taken care of Cora and Mommy while Mommy was sick, but she was awfully glad Daddy was home to take care of them all now.

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