Saturday, March 7, 2015

At Nikki's House

Delila Scanlan was so excited. She had just had her first sleepover at her best friend, Nikki Acosta's house. The next day she just could not stop talking about it.

At breakfast, when Mommy was making bacon and eggs for the family, Delila said. "At Nikki's house. They don't sit down together to eat breakfast. They just get to pick out there own mini box of whatever kind  of cereal they want, and they don't even have to sit at the table to eat it."

"Hmm." replied Mommy as she scooped eggs on to Delila's plate. "Eat your breakfast."

After breakfast, Delila went up to her room. She was really eager to finish the book she was reading. It was really good, and she was almost done with it.

Just when she opened her book and took it out and started reading, her little sister, Demi entered their shared room. She took out her Barbie dolls and began playing with them loudly. Delila glared at her. "At Nikki's house, she doesn't have to share a room!" she announced angrily.

"Nikki has a brother." replied Demi glaring right back at her sister. She went back to playing with her dolls as loudly as ever.

Delila sighed and slammed her book shut. She hurried out of the room and went to find something to do until lunch time. By 11:30, she was bored and hungry. She went to find her mother. "Mom, can we eat lunch?" she begged when she finally found her mother in the laundry room.

Mommy glanced down at her wristwatch. "It's only 11:30." she replied. "We'll eat in a little while."

"But I'm hungry." whined Delila. "At Nikki's house, they don't have to wait until noon to eat lunch, and they are allowed to eat their lunch in front of the TV."

"Oh, is that so." replied her mother. She went back to sorting the laundry.

Finally, it was lunch time, Delila and Demi sat at the kitchen table and Mom served them sandwiches, chips, and milk. "At Nikki's house, her mother cuts the crust off the bread." stated Delila.

"You've always liked the crust, and you've never asked for it to be cut off." pointed out her mother. Demi chuckled. Delila gave her an angry stare.

For the rest of the day, at every opportunity Delila continued to point out how different things were at Nikki's house. That night, Mommy and Daddy and Delila and Demi all piled into Mommy and Daddy's bed with a bowl of popcorn to watch a movie.  "At Nikki's house,  everyone is always doing there own thing. They don't sit down and watch movies together. " Delila told them. "I'm glad I don't live at Nikki's house." she declared.

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