Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Girl Who Cried Cat

Yulissa Zorich woke up in the middle of the night. She was wide awake and couldn't fall back to sleep. She wanted her Mom and Dad so she hurried into their room. They were fast asleep. Yulissa got into bed with them. Just when she got herself all warm and cozy and comfortable in their bed, Daddy turned on the light. "Yulissa, he said sternly. "What are you doing in our bed?"

"I can't sleep in my room." Yulissa insisted.

"Why not?" asked Daddy.

"Well, " began Yulissa. "There's a cat in my bed." she added after a long pause.

"A cat in your bed?" repeated Daddy.

"Yes. I think it's  a horrible lion that wants to eat me." explained Yulissa.

Daddy frowned and look at Yulissa with disbelief "A horrible lion?" he replied shaking his head.

Yulissa nodded yes. "And it has terrible claws and  a great big roar."

Daddy reluctantly got out of bed. All he really wanted to do was go back to sleep, but he knew Yulissa would never leave him alone if he didn't take her back to her room himself. "Come." he ordered. "Let's go see this lion." He hurried to Yulissa's room and went in while Yulissa hung back by the door.

"Be careful, Daddy." warned Yulissa. She tiptoed into the room and quickly got behind her father.

He looked at Yulissa's bed. Then, he lifted off her purple quilt and peaked under it. Finally, he turned to Yulissa. "There are no lions in your bed." he assured her.

"Maybe it's hiding." suggested Yulissa.

Daddy opened the closet door and peaked in. "No lions here." he stated. He got down on his hands and knees and looked under the bed. "No lions under here either." he declared. "There are no lions in this room. You are perfectly safe. Now go to bed." He tucked Yulissa into bed, gave her a kiss, and went back to his own room.

Yulissa lay in her bed for a while. She still couldn't fall asleep. She still wanted Mommy and Daddy. She went back to their room. They were fast asleep. She got into bed with them again. This time, Mommy woke up. "Yulissa," she said tiredly. "Aren't you supposed to be sleeping in your own room?"

"I can't Mommy." insisted Yulissa. "There's a cat in my bed."

"A cat in your bed?" repeated Mommy.

Yulissa nodded bobbing her head up and down. "I think it's a  terrible tiger that wants to eat me ."

Mommy shook her head." A terrible tiger?" she repeated in total disbelief.

Yulissa nodded. "Yes." she said. "A terribly tiger with terrible teeth."

Mommy shook her head at Yulissa. "What would a tiger be doing in your bed?" she asked. Yulissa shrugged. Mommy frowned. She was much too tired to be playing games with Yulissa. However, she knew she would not be able to go back to sleep if she didn't take Yulissa back to her own room. Mommy reluctantly dragged herself out of bed and followed Yulissa back to her room

"There are no tigers here." declared  Mommy as they entered the room.

"Are you sure?" asked Yulissa. "You haven't checked the whole room."

Mommy frowned. All  she wanted to do was go back to her own room and her own cozy bed and go back to sleep. However, she knew she would not be able to do that until she had thoroughly checked Yulissa's room. She quickly checked the closet and then under the bed. "This is a completely tiger free room." she assured Yulissa after she had finished checking. She tucked Yulissa into bed and kissed her.

"Go to sleep." she commanded before leaving the room.

A little while later, Yulissa was in Mommy and Daddy's room again. She went over to her father. "Daddy, there is a cat in my bed." she told him.

Daddy sleepily opened one eye and then the other. "Go back to bed, Yulissa." he said drowsily when he saw her standing next to him. "There aren't any cats in your bed." He closed both his eyes, turned over and went back to sleep.

Next, Yulissa went over to Mommy. She shook Mommy and startled her awake "What!?" cried Mommy groggily opening her eyes. "Yulissa!" she sighed unhappily when she saw her daughter standing there. "What are you doing out of bed again?"she asked angrily.

"There is a cat in my bed!" insisted Yulissa.

Mommy kissed Yulissa on the head."Go back to sleep." she insisted. "There aren't any cats in your bed. It's way past your bed time, and your imagination must be playing tricks on you. Go get some sleep and you'll feel better in the morning."

"But, Mommy!" insisted Yulissa. "There really is a cat in my bed this time!"

"Yulissa!"  Mommy replied firmly giving Yulissa an angry look. "How long do you think we are going to keep playing this game? It is very late. Daddy and I are tired now, and we need to sleep and so do you. Now go back to bed."

Yulissa slowly and reluctantly went back to her room. In the middle of her bed was a fluffy black cat. It was Pip the family cat. "Pip, you're taking up my whole bed." Yulissa complained."Please move over and give me some room." she begged. The  little black cat didn't budge. Yulissa sighed. By now, she was getting really tired, and she was ready to go back to sleep. She crawled up into her bed. Pip lay right next to her. Pip felt really warm and cozy curled right up to Yulissa. Yulissa sighed dreamily. 'Maybe, it's not always so bad to have a cat in your bed.'  she thought happily as she drifted off to sleep.

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