Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Best Place to Be

One morning Zelina Bell's mother took her to the park. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining brightly. The weather was just perfect not too hot and not too cold.

Zelina was so excited. She had never been to this park before. It was brand-new and had just opened.  Zelina ran excitedly looking over the park while her mother sat down on a dark green bench.  There were bright yellow swings. There were long red seesaws. There was a giant red yellow and blue climber with slides and tunnels and poles. Zelina didn't know what to go on first.  Finally, she decided to go on the swings.

 Zelina played for about an hour. Her mother sat and watched her. Then, Zelina got hungry. She hadn't eaten breakfast because she'd been too excited to come to the park. Mommy took an old checkered blanket  and a wooden picnic basket out of the trunk of the car. She spread the blanket out on the grass and opened the basket. The basket was filled with muffins. Zelina picked a big chocolate chip one and began eating. It was delicious - ooey gooey chocolatey. "Yum!" she exclaimed happily.

Afterwards, Zelina really needed a drink. "I'm thirsty." she told her mother.

"Oh I almost forgot." replied Mommy. She went to the car and took out a little blue cooler. She put it on the blanket and Zelina opened it up. It was filled with juice boxes. Zelina selected an apple juice and smiled warmly at her mother. "You think of everything." she declared. Mommy smiled back.

After they finished eating, they packed up their picnic and put the basket and cooler back in the car. Mommy was going to put the blanket back in the car too, but Zelina stopped her. "No, don't put it away yet, please." she begged.

Mommy left the blanket on the ground. Zelina was about to lay down on it, but Mommy abruptly shook her head no. "Don't do that." she insisted. "There's crumbs."

Zelina helped her mother pick up the blanket and shake the crumbs off. Then, she lay down in the middle of it and looked up at the sky staring at the clouds and trying to decide what shapes they looked like. "There's a giant bunny rabbit." she stated pointing to one. "And there's a flower." she added pointing to another.  Mommy smiled and took out her book and began to read.

"Mommy, do you know what?" asked Zelina after a while. Mommy shook her head to indicate that she didn't know what. "This is the best to be!" declared Zelina happily.

They stayed in the park a little while longer than it started to get hot. Zelina started sweating and she couldn't get cool enough. She kept going to the water fountain and drinking huge gulps of water and then splashing some on her face.

Finally, Mom said. "Let's go." They got in the car and drove to the mall.

"Ah!" exclaimed Zelina in relief as they walked into the mall and felt the cool of the air conditioning. They walked around for a while. Zelina excitedly pointed to her favorite stores. "There's the Disney store!" she declared. "There's Build A Bear! There's Claires!" They walked around some more and Mommy bought Zelina a pair of earrings from Claires and a couple new shirts from one of the department stores.

Then, it was lunch time. They went to the food court and got some burgers from Wendys. "Do you know what Mommy?" asked Zelina with a mouth full of food.

"Zelina !" exclaimed Mommy shaking her head disapprovingly. She did not like it when Zelina talked with her mouth full.

Zelina quickly gulped down her food. "Do you know what, Mommy?" she repeated. Mommy shook her head no. "This is the best place to be!" exclaimed Zelina. Mommy smiled.

After lunch, they left the mall and went home. When they got there, Daddy was home. He had been away on a business trip and had just gotten home. Zelina was really excited to see him. "Daddy!" she exclaimed bouncing into his arms.

"I missed you, sweetie." he declared hugging her tightly to him and giving her a kiss.

"I missed you too, Daddy." she said.  She kissed him back.

Daddy gave Mommy a kiss too. Zelina quickly closed her eyes. "I don't need to see that." she mumbled under her breath. Mommy and Daddy laughed.

Daddy put Zelina down on the ground and went into the house. Mommy and Zelina followed.  They went into the living room. Daddy sat down on the couch. Zelina scrambled up on his lap. Her mother sat next to them. Zelina smiled contentedly.  She was so happy to be at home with her family. "This is really the best place to be!" she declared.

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