Thursday, February 26, 2015

Talisa Always Tells The Truth

Talisa Ortiz was a very nice girl or at least she'd liked to think she was.  She was smart and she was kind. Well, okay maybe she wasn't always kind. She didn't mean to be unkind, but she had to tell the truth, didn't she? From the time, she was a little girl everyone always told her not to tell a lie so she didn't. So how come  the truth was always getting her into trouble?

"How do I look?" exclaimed Talisa's older sister, Marisol excitedly as she got ready to go to a school dance.

"You look wonderful!" gushed Mommy.

"You look beautiful!" exclaimed Daddy.

Even their brother, Diego smiled and gave his sister a big thumb's up of approval.

Talisa wrinkled her nose and frowned. "The dress is kind of plain." she said, "and it makes you look a little chubby."

Marisol left the room in tears.

"Talisa!" exclaimed Daddy. As Mommy hurried after Marisol to calm her down. Diego just shook his head and frowned at his sister. He didn't like the dress either but that was just because he was a boy and didn't like dresses but he knew better than to say so.

When Marisol was finally calmed down and off to the dance. Mommy and Daddy and Diego and Talisa sat down in the living room.

"How was your day?" Daddy inquired of them.

"I got a 100 on my spelling test and on my math test!" declared Talisa proudly. She hurried to get her school papers out of her book bag to show them.

"Very good, Talisa." stated Mommy looking over the papers when Talisa handed them to her. Daddy nodded in agreement. They smiled at her, and Talisa beamed.

"What about you, Diego?" asked Mommy. "Didn't you have a test today too?"

Diego  looked as though he wanted a hole to open up in the floor and swallow him up. He was not as good of a student as his sister. He reluctantly went to get his own book bag and handed Mommy his papers.

"Oh Diego!" exclaimed Mommy looking at the papers Diego handed her. Daddy looked over Mommy's shoulder and shook his head sadly in agreement.

Talisa came up behind them and peeked at Diego's  papers too. She gasped. "Are you really that stupid or do you just not study?" she asked.

"Talisa!" exclaimed Mommy and Daddy as Diego tried to hit her, but she ducked out of his way. Mommy opened her mouth to yell at Talisa, but Talisa was saved by the ringing of the doorbell.

Daddy went to the door. Talisa and Diego quickly followed him to the door. It was the pizza delivery person. delivering the pizza they had ordered for dinner.  "He's ugly." said Talisa loudly  staring at the delivery boy "and he has a lot of pimples." she added. The delivery boy blushed bright red.

"Talisa!" exclaimed Mommy again  feeling as embarassed as the delivery boy looked.

Diego chuckled quietly in the corner. He was hoping Talisa was going to get it to make up for calling him stupid.

Daddy paid for the pizza. He took it into the kitchen. Diego followed him licking his lips hungrily.  Mommy grabbed Talisa before she could follow as well.

"Come talk to me, Talisa." Mommy said. Talisa frowned but did as she was told. Mommy led Talisa into the living room where they sat down. "Talisa," stated Mommy unhappily "You said some not very nice things today."

Talisa shrugged.

"Would you like it if somebody told you that you looked chubby, you were stupid, you were ugly, you were pimply or something like that?"

Talisa shook her head. "No, but Mommy." she replied. "All those things were the truth. Do you want me to lie?"

"No, Talisa." Mommy told her. " I don't want you to lie, but I don't want you to to always tell the truth either."

"Huh?" asked Talisa in confusion. How could she not lie and not always tell the truth either? "What do you mean, Mommy?" she asked.

"I mean sometimes you just shouldn't say anything. Just because you know something is true doesn't mean you have to say it. Some truths you should keep to yourself. You don't want to go around hurting people's feelings all the time, do you, Talisa?"

Talisa shook her head no. After all, she wasn't a mean girl or at least she didn't want to be. "Okay, Mommy." she agreed. "I'll try not to hurt people's feeling with the truth anymore."

Mommy smiled and kissed Talisa on the head. "You're a good girl." she said."and that is the truth."

Talisa smiled happily. Sometimes, the truth was a good thing.

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