Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Steffi Goes Shopping

Steffi Ridley hated going shopping. "Do I have to come shopping with you?" she complained to her mother in a whiny voice.

"Yes, honey." replied Mommy. "There's nobody available to watch you right now, and I can't just leave you here alone."

Steffi pouted. She was sure it was going to be a long and boring afternoon at the supermarket.

"Please, be a good girl." begged Mommy. "Your baby sister is being fussy today,."  As if on cue, baby Stella began to cry. "and I need you to be my big helper." added Mommy as she lifted the baby up  into her arms and tried to comfort her.

That was all Steffi needed to hear. She loved being Mommy's big helper. She instantly brightened up. "Okay, Mommy." she agreed happily. Maybe, it wasn't going to be such a bad day after all.

Steffi helped Mommy buckle baby Stella into her car seat, and  then quickly got into her own seat. Then, they drove to the supermarket.

Once at the market. Mommy strapped the baby into the front of the shopping cart. She helped Steffi into the back.

In the supermarket, first they got to the fruit and vegetable aisle. As Mommy was gathering other fruits and vegetables, Steffi spied the baby carrots. She loved baby carrots. "Can we buy baby carrots? Please!" she begged Mommy.

Mommy was distracted because Stella was fussing again. Mommy put a pacifier in the baby's mouth and then turned her attention to Steffi. "What did you say?" she inquired.

"Carrots." stated Steffi pointing to them. Mommy nodded as if to say yes there are the carrots. Steffii took that to mean that yes she could have carrots so she reached up and grabbed a bag and threw it in the cart. Mommy was busy getting something else and didn't notice. Steffi decided one bag was not enough carrots so she added two more.

In the next aisle, while Mommy was getting toothpaste and shampoo. Steffi grabbed Mickey Mouse bandaids and  Mickey Mouse gummy vitamins. "You can never have too much Mickey." she told her baby sister who for once was being good and quiet.

In the cereal aisle, Mommy told Steffi she could pick out a cereal for herself while Mommy got one for Daddy and one for Stella. Steffi couldn't decided between Coca Pebbles, Trix, and Cookie Crisp so she threw in one of each as they went by.

They continued to make their way through the store. Along the way, every time. Mommy threw some items into the cart, Steffi threw some in too just to be helpful. Eventually, it started to get crowded in the back of the cart, and Steffi was being squished. "Mommy, can I get out and walk?" she asked.

Mommy didn't like Steffi to get out of the cart because it was easier to keep track of where Steffi was when she was in the cart. However, Mommy could see that Steffi was starting to get squished so she agreed. "Okay." she conceded, "but you stay right next to me."

Steffi nodded in agreement and smiled happily. Now, she would be able to help Mommy even more.  She put up her arms and Mommy took her out of the cart.

Just then, Stella spit the pacifier out of her mouth. Mommy leaned down to pick it up as Steffi grabbed a handful of puddings and threw them into the cart. Stella refused to take the pacifier back and continued to be fussy.

 "Don't worry I can help, Mommy!" declared Steffi. She stood up on her tiptoes and showed how high she could reach on the shelf. Mommy let Steffi pick out everything they needed that wasn't too high for her or too heavy. Each time, Mommy got distracted by the baby, Steffi added something extra or something that wasn't on the list.  Either it was something she liked or something she thought they should try or just something in a pretty package that caught her eye.

When they were in the very last aisle and almost ready to head for the checkout, Stella finally stopped fussing and fell asleep.  Mommy sighed and leaned tiredly on the cart. She was exhausted and couldn't wait to check out and go home. Not Steffi, she wished they had more shopping to do.

Mommy noticed that the cart seemed a bit heavy. She looked at her shopping  list and it didn't seem like there was that much on it. She figured that it was probably because she was so tired that the cart seemed heavier than usual.

Then, out of the corner of her eye Mommy noticed that there seemed to be an awful lot of boxes of macaroni and cheese. Macaroni and cheese wasn't even on the list. They had plenty of it at home.  "Steffi," asked Mommy. "Did you put macaroni and cheese in the cart?" asked Mommy.

Steffi nodded and smiled proudly.

"We don't need any macaroni and cheese. We have some at home."

"Oh, sorry, Mommy." replied Steffi with a slight shrug of her head. "I didn't know that."

Then, Mommy noticed the three big boxes of sugary cereal and all the pudding and a bunch of other things that they didn't need  and some that she didn't even recognize in the cart.  "Steffi?" inquired Mommy. "How many things did you put in the cart?"

"Oh, Mommy!" gushed Steffi  smiling even brighter and feeling even prouder. "I helped a lot."

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