Friday, February 6, 2015

Ruthie Goes for a Ride

"When are you going to take me for a ride in your new car?" Ruthie Yothers asked her older brother, Adam.

Adam shrugged. His car was his pride and joy. He wasn't anxious to take his little sister for a ride in it. He had worked really hard for a landscaping company for three summers to earn enough money just to get a used car.

"I need you to get some things for me at the grocery store." Mom told Adam. "Why don't you take Ruthie along for the ride. She has been wanting to go for a ride with you." Adam rolled his eyes and shook his head no.  He did not at all want to take his little sister for a ride. However, Mom ignored him. "Put your jacket on, Ruthie." she said instead of telling Ruthie that she couldn't go.

Ruthie broke into a huge grin and ran and got her coat. Then, she followed Adam out to the car. She immediately ran over to the front passenger side door, opened it up, and jumped into the seat. When she went to slam the door, Adam stopped her. "You're too little." he said. "Get in the back." Ruthie frowned disappointedly, but she got in the backseat.

Once Adam started the car, the smile returned to Ruthie's face. She bounced excitedly up and down on her seat as her brother started the car. Adam glanced back at her through the rearview mirror. "Seatbelt, now!" he told her. Ruthie frowned but immediately put on her seat belt.

Adam turned on the radio. "Where are we going?" Ruthie shouted over it.

"To the supermarket." replied Adam temporarily turning down the radio.

"To the Shop-Rite or Stop and Shop." asked Ruthie shouting over the radio again.

Adam frowned and turned off the radio. It definitely wasn't going to be a nice peaceful ride. "Shop-rite." he replied to Ruthie's question.

Adam made a left turn. "Didn't you want to go right?" asked Ruthie as if she had any idea what she was talking about.

"No, I didn't." insisted Adam. He tried to concentrate on his driving and not how annoying his sister was being.

Ruthie busied herself singing loudly for a few minutes. After a minute or two, she asked. "What would you like me to sing, Adam." Adam didn't say anything. "Adam?" she repeated. "Adam, I asked you what you want me to sing."

"I don't want you to sing anything!" Adam finally replied angrily. "Just be quiet and let me drive."

Ruthie was insulted and sat quietly. That only lasted  for a couple of minutes, however. Then, she said. "Adam?"

"Yes, Ruthie." replied Adam trying very hard to remain calm and not yell at his little sister again.

"I think you missed a turn back there."

"No. I didn't Ruthie."

"I think you did."

"Ruthie! I am the one with the driver's license. Let me do the driving please." begged Adam.

Ruthie rolled her eyes and frowned. She looked out the window for a few minutes. Then, she looked back in the car and stared at the speedometer. "I think you're going too fast, Adam." she told him.

"I'm not going too fast." insisted Adam.

"I think you are!" declared Ruthie confidentally.

Adam slowed the car down to a snail's pace.

"Now, you're going too slow." Ruth complained.

"Ruthie!" exclaimed Adam in exasperation as he brought the car back up to regular speed.

Ruthie took something out of her pocket. It was a chocolate candy bar. She unwrapped it, shoved it in her mouth and took a bite. Adam frowned as he glanced at her through the rearview mirror again. "No eating in the car." he told her firmly.

Ruthie smiled at him. "Don't worry." she assured him. "I won't make a mess." Even as she said it, she was dropping crumbs all over the seat."

"No eating in the car!" Adam repeated angrily. Ruthie ignored him and kept right on eating her chocolate bar. "Ruthie!" Adam shouted loudly and angrily.

"Okay, okay." replied Ruthie finally. She shoved the candy bar back in her pocket as Adam made a sudden turn. "Adam, your going the wrong way again." pointed out Ruthie. She slid in her seat as they made the abrupt turn.  Suddenly, Adam's driving was scaring her a little bit. She closed her eyes.

When Ruthie opened her eyes again, the car had stopped. She saw a big familiar yellow house. It was their house. They were home again. They had never even gotten further then a couple of blocks away. "Why are we home again?" Ruthie asked in confusion. "Aren't we going to the store?"

"I'm going to the store." corrected Adam as he led her into the house. "You are staying here with Mom."

"Okay." replied Ruthie less than happily. "Thanks for the ride." she added. "I can't wait to go for a ride with you again." She instantly brightened at the thought of going for another ride with her big brother in his car blissfully unaware that Adam didn't feel the same way at all. In fact, he hurried out of the house shaking his head in horror at the thought of another ride with his sister as his passenger.

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