Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Handsome Hunk and Beastly Girl

Bessie Labella knew she was not very pretty. Her hair was exactly the color of dirt and her eyes were exactly the color of mud. Her features didn't sit quite right on her face. Her nose was a little too big. Her eyes were a little too small. Her ears stuck out. She knew she wasn't a beauty.

It was bad enough just knowing it. Other kids made it worse. They wouldn't play with her. They teased her and taunted her. They called her "Beastly Bessie." It got so bad that eventually Bessie couldn't stand even going to school. She begged her mother and begged her mother until he mother let her stay home and be home schooled.

Bessie didn't like being home all the time. She didn't like not being with other kids. However, she knew it was better to be alone, then to be constantly harassed.

Bessie heard a loud noise in her backyard one day. She peeked out the window and saw a  cute little dog. It was small and white and fluffy and had a curly tail. "Aw!" said Bessie. She loved dogs. She loved them as much as she hated people. She went outside and brought the little dog in. She gave it food and water and let it lie on her bed.

As she sat on the bed with the little dog, Bessie saw a strange boy in her backyard. Bessie went up to the window and looked out at the boy. He didn't look familiar to her from when she'd still gone to school with the other kids. She definitely would have remembered him.  He was the handsomest boy Bessie had ever seen. He had eyes that glittered and hair that shined. His features were perfect. Nothing looked out of place on his face.

At first, Bessie couldn't stop staring at him through the window glass. Then, she got a hold of herself. Just because she didn't know him didn't mean he wasn't like the others. In fact, she was sure he was just like them and given the chance he would be just as mean.

Bessie left the dog on the bed , shut the door, and went in the other room. She opened the window a crack and called out. "You there! What are you doing in my backyard?"

"I'm sorry." replied the boy. "I'm Beau Lyon. I'm looking for my dog. He got out, and I think he ran into your yard."

"There are no dogs here and you better go away." yelled Bessie meanly as she quickly closed the window. However, she was too late the dog had already heard the sound of his master's voice and started barking.

Beau heard his dog barking and ran toward Bessie's door. He was a couple inches from the door when he tripped over a rock and fell splat on the ground. As he fell something snapped,  and he could not get up.

Bessie peeked out her window again and her mouth flew open whe she saw the boy sprawled out on her lawn. She quickly moved away from the window. When she looked again a few minutes later, he was still there. She opened the window just a little bit and called out "Go away, boy."

"I told you my name is Beau and I am not going without my dog." he called back. "Anyway, I can't go because I can't get up. "

Bessie moved away from the window. Every few seconds, she went over to it and looked out again. Then, finally, she slowly ventured out of her house. She went over to Beau, but she stood with her back to him. "What's the matter with you?" she called over her shoulder.

"Why don't you turn around and face me when you're talking to  me?" suggested Beau, but he didn't say it in a mean way.

Bessie shook her head. No! No! A thousand times no! "Why so you can make fun of me?" she replied out loud carefully keeping her face turned away from him.

"Why would I do that?" he asked.

"Why wouldn't you?" responded Bessie bitterly. "Everyone else does. Nobody likes me. They think I'm ugly. They call me Beastly Bessie."

"They don't like me either." admitted Beau. "They think I am strange." 

"You?" Bessie exclaimed in shock. "but you're beautiful."

"Looks aren't everything." he told her.

Bessie found that hard to believe. Only somebody who actually was beautiful could something like that.

"They think I'm weird because I'm different. I'd much rather sit and read a book then run around playing football or baseball or any other sport like the other boys."

"I love to read too." admitted Bessie warming up to the boy just a tiny bit for a second.

Beau asked her what she was reading and before she knew it they were having a lively discussion about books. Bessie found herself relaxing and before she knew it, she had actually turned around and was facing him. When she realized that she was, she was about to turn back around  way from him again.

"No, don't." begged Beau. He put his hand on her chin and wouldn't let her turn away.

Tears came to Bessie's eyes. Things were going so well and now that he had seen her face it would all be over. He would just think of her as Beastly Bessie just like everybody else. She waited for him to say it.

"Beastly Bessie?" he said but he said it with surprise not in a mocking way. "I don't think so. I think your beautiful. Your eyes are the color of a chocolate chip and your hair is the color of  the bark of a tree. And you have a beautiful smile." he added as a huge smile spread across her face.

Beau's foot was feeling  a little bit  better so he stood up carefully. "I guess I just twisted it." he said. "It feels a lot better." he told her.

"Just be careful." Bessie told him genuinely full of concern.

"I will." he promised. "I better be starting home now. It's late." he added.

"Wait!" she cried. She quickly went in the house and let the dog out. The dog immediately went over to his master and excitedly starting bark. Beau petted his dog,

"Thanks, Bessie." Beau said. He and the dog started heading towards their home.

Bessie watched them go and sighed. She was sure she would ever see Beau again, but she was wrong. He was back the next day and the day after that. Before, she knew it they were best friends. She even let him convince her to go back to school. Her mom and dad didn't think that was such a good idea.  They didn't think that things would be any different than before, but Bessie knew it would. Things were already different. She felt as though a curse had been lifted.

"I know that it will be different because this time I have Beau. Beau is my friend, and he loves me." she assured them and  she knew it was true. "and when you have a friend who that loves you that makes all the difference in the world." she said.

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