Monday, February 2, 2015

Gretchen Wants to Grow Up

Gretchen Lidstrom  was a four year old girl. She couldn't wait to grow up. She wanted to be able to wear makeup. She wanted to have boyfriends. She wanted to have kids. Everything about being a grown up sounded wonderful and exciting to her.

"Mommy?" asked Gretchen. "When am I going to grow up?"

Mommy didn't hear her. She was sitting on the floor busy trying to get Gretchen's little sister, Addie's diaper changed. Addie kept trying to wiggle away. "What?" asked Mommy in a distracted way when she finally realized Gretchen was talking to her. "Can you wait a minute, honey?" she added a minute later.

"When am I going to grow up?" Gretchen repeated her question when Mommy was finished diapering Addie.

Mommy smiled. "Much sooner than you think." she replied.  Gretchen made a face. She didn't think so. She thought it was taking forever.

"It's time for your nap." Mommy said to Addie. Addie gave Mommy a big smile and quickly crawled off into the other room. Mommy went chasing after her.

Gretchen thought that maybe having kids wasn't always so great. Kids don't always listen. She was sure everything else about being a grown-up was wonderful though. She still couldn't wait to grow-up.

Gretchen went upstairs. She found her older sister, Andrea sitting at her desk. "Andrea, come and play with me." Gretchen begged.

Andrea shook her head no. "I've got a a ton of homework to do." she said pointing to the huge stack of papers and books piled on her desk.

Gretchen's eyes opened wide at the sight of it all.  She was glad she didn't have to do all that work. Maybe, homework wasn't such a great thing about getting older either. However, she was sure everything else about growing up was wonderful, and she still couldn't wait to grow up.

That night when Mommy was putting Gretchen to bed, Gretchen asked "Where is Daddy?"

"He's at work." replied Mommy.

"But it's nighttime." protested Gretchen.

Mommy nodded in agreement. "I know." she replied. "He had to work late."

"But he left early this morning, and I didn't even see him the whole day!" Gretchen reminded Mommy unhappily.

"I know, honey." replied Mommy  understandingly. "He is working on an important deal right now, and he will probably be working long hours for a few more days."

Gretchen's eyes opened wide with horror. She thought about everything she'd learn today about getting older. When you get older, your kids don't always listen to you. When you get older, you have to do a lot of homework. When you get older, you have to work long hours and spend a lot of time away from your family.

Suddenly, Gretchen burst into tears.

"What's the matter?" asked Mommy worriedly.

"I don't want to grow-up any more!" insisted Gretchen.

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