Sunday, February 22, 2015

Glory Gets the Giggles

Glory Travis woke up one morning with the giggles. No matter how hard she tried she just couldn't stop laughing. It took her extra long to get ready because it is hard to get dressed and brush your teeth and do all those ordinary every day things when you can't stop laughing.

"What's so funny?" asked Galya, Glory's little sister when she came in the room. She was supposed to tell Glory that Mom wanted to know when Glory was coming down to breakfast. However, she forgot when she saw Glory laughing so hard.

Glory stared into her little sister's face and tried very hard to compose herself and stop her fit of laughter. However, instead she just burst into a fresh fit of giggles.

"What is so funny?" Galya repeated begging to know. She really want to be in on the joke. She looked at her sister's face turning red with laughter and she burst into giggles too. She didn't know why they were laughing. She didn't care why they were laughing. She just wanted to be a part of it.

After a few minutes, their older brother, Daryl came up to see what was going on. "Hey," he called. "Mom wants you two down for breakfast pronto!"

Neither Glory nor Galya could answer because there were so busy shaking with the giggles.

Darryl scratched his head in confusion. He didn't notice anything funny at all. "What's is so funny?" he inquired.

That just made Glory and Galya laugh even harder. They could barely stop laughing to catch their breathe.
The site of the two of them rolling around on the floor unable to stop laughing was so amusing that Darryl forgot all about breakfast, and he started laughing too.

After another ten minutes or so, older sister, Dana stormed into the room. "What is going on?" she shouted. "We have been waiting for you guys. Mom is ready to serve breakfast." She looked around the room at each of her siblings in turn. "What in the world is so funny?" Not one of them could stop laughing long enough to tell her.

Dana gave her siblings a serious stare. That only made them laugh harder. Before, she knew it even Dana was swept away in the torrent of giggles, and she began laughing too.

By now, Dad came bounding up the stairs. "Where are all of you? " he demanded to know. "Breakfast is getting cold, and Mom is getting angry."

For some reason, this just brought a  fresh round of laughter. "I don't really think this is laughing matter." stated Dad sternly. Still, when he looked into little Galya's giggling face, he couldn't help laughing right along with her and before he knew it, he couldn't stop laughing either.

Finally, Mom came bounding up the steps. "What is going on?" she inquired angrily. "Isn't anyone coming to breakfast?" "What are you  all laughing at?" she added when she saw her hysterical family. She was not amused. She just stood shaking her head at the site of them and waiting for an answer.

Dad was the first to get control of himself and stop laughing. Of course, he had no idea what they were laughing at "Dana? Why were we all laughing?" he asked. 

Dana forced herself to swallow and stop laughing too. She didn't know what they were laughing at either. She shrugged  "Ask Darryl."

Upon hearing his name, Darryl was finally able to gain control and stop laughing too. He didn't have an answer for Mom either as to why they'd been laughing so hard and so long. "Galya?" he said thinking that she had started it and she would know what all the laughter had been about.

Galya shook the last little bit of laughter out of herself. "It wasn't me." she replied. "It was Glory. She was already laughing when I came in."

"Well, Glory?," Mom inquired just about bursting with curiosity about what could possibly be so funny.

Glory took one look at Mommy's serious expression and she too was cured of her laughing fit. "We were laughing at... She thought really hard and then finally shook her head as she suddenly could not remember what she'd been laughing at at all. All she could say was. "I forget."

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