Saturday, February 14, 2015

Gigi and the Pork Chop

 Today's story is not only for my daughter but by my daughter.

Gigi was a family cat. Her family loved her a lot even when she got into big trouble. Her family had a mom and dad and two girls, 9 year old Mary and 5 year old Audra. One day, Audra and Mary were helping their mom and dad make pork chops. They started to make the pork chops. Then, they found out one of the  pork chops had gone bad. They threw it in the garbage, and they ate pasta instead.

Later after they ate, they where all bored and did not know what to do. Finally, out of nowhere, Audra suggested "We should play the board game trouble".

"Okay." they all agreed. They went upstairs and started to play. Meanwhile back in the kitchen, Gigi had her eye on  the pork chop in the garbage. She was sitting on the floor across the room from the garbage  which was in sitting a bag on the counter. It was waiting to be taken out because it was garbage night. Gigi jumped up on the kitchen table to get a better view. Then, she jumped off the table and lunged for the garbage.

She was about to get into the garbage, but she slipped and fell onto the floor.  The loud crash brought the whole family running. They all came down and saw Gigi on the floor. They went over to make sure she was okay.  "Are you okay, Gigi?" asked Audra worriedly.

Mommy went over and checked to make sure she was okay. "Don't worry. She seems okay."

"You should be more careful, Gigi. You can get hurt." warned Mary.

The family went back upstairs to continue their game. Gigi stayed in the kitchen. She continued to eye the pork chop. She got up on the table and tried to reach the pork chop again. This time she climbed up on the chair and tried to jump up from there. The chair wasn't close enough so she slipped to the ground. This time she did not make such a loud noise when she fell so the family didn't come running.

Gigi wasn't about to give up. She saw the step stool in the corner and tried to jump from that onto the counter.  It was too far away, and she couldn't reach the counter from there.

Just then, Mary came down to fill her water bottle at the water cooler. When Gigi heard the noise. She hid under the dining room table and acted innocent. As Mary walked by the dining room and saw Gigi, she gushed, "Oh, Gigi! You're so cute! I love you!" She ran over and started to pet Gigi for a little bit. Then, she gave Gigi a kiss and went back upstairs.

As soon as Mary disappeared up the stairs, Gigi ran back into the kitchen. She began eyeing the garbage bag again. She was determined to get that pork chop. She jumped onto the table. She stuck out her paw and tried to grab the garbage bag from the table, but she couldn't reach it. She leaned a little forward and tried again. She still couldn't reach it. She tried one more time. The next thing she knew she was hanging by her back paws off the table. She meowed sadly.

Audra heard the sad meowing, and she came running down. She found Gigi hanging from the table. "Silly girl." she laughed. She picked up Gigi and put her on the ground. "Be careful." she told Gigi. She went back upstairs.

Gigi still wanted that pork chop. She wasn't about to give up for anything. She decided to try the chair again. She jumped from the table to the chair. That time, Gigi just  jumped up and fell on the floor again. It didn't make a loud noise though.

Gigi still did not want to give up. She tried the step stool again. It was still too far away.  When she jumped, she just landed right back on the step stool.

Gigi was starting to think she would never get that pork chop. She jumped off the step stool and lay down on the floor.

Just then the phone started ringing loudly. It startled Gigi so much that she jumped up in fright. She landed on the chair. The chair flew back into the counter from the force of Gigi's jump. It hit the counter so hard. The garbage started falling out of the garbage bag. The bag and all the garbage fell onto the floor.

Gigi jumped down from the chair. She grabbed the pork chop off the floor. She was so happy she had finally gotten it. She started to eat it.

By now, the family had finished playing their game and wanted to have some dessert. They came downstairs and went in the kitchen.  They saw Gigi with the pork chop in her mouth and the big mess on the floor.

"What did you do?" exclaimed Mary.

"Bad, Gigi."  declared Mom.

"Oh Gigi." sighed Audra.

"Gigi." Dad said sadly shaking his head.

They all went over and cleaned up the mess.

Later that night, when Audra was lying in bed ready to go to sleep. Gigi walked in the room and climbed in to the bed. She lay down at the end of the bed. Audra leaned down to kiss her. "Goodnight." she whispered leaning in. As she leaned a little closer, she saw that Gigi had something in her mouth. She leaned even closer to see what it was. Audra realized that somehow Gigi had gotten the pork chop back and had it in her mouth again. "Oh Gigi." she declared. "Your're such a silly little cat." She took the pork chop away and gave Gigi a toy to chew on instead.  She threw the pork chop in the garbage in her room and went to bed.

Gigi had no interest in the toy. She started eyeing the pork chop in the garbage.

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