Monday, January 26, 2015

Wolfie and Little Red

Renata Hood wished that people would actually call her by her name. She loved the name Renata. She liked the way the sound of it just rolled off her tongue. The only problem was nobody ever called her by her name. The only thing people ever called her was Little Red. They called her that because of the flaming red hair  that she had inherited from her mother. Only her mother was lucky enough not to get stuck with the nickname Big Red or anything like that. They just called her Red. "Why do I have to be Little Red?" insisted Renata. "I'm getting too old for that."

Mom smiled at Renata and  answered. "You know why, sugar. They were already calling me Red  when you were born so they called you Little Red."

"Well, why can't they call you Big Red and me just Red." protested Renata.

Mom laughed and pointed to herself. "Now, do I look like a Big Red."

Renata looked at her tiny barely 5 foot tall mother. She had to admit that her mother was right. It would just be crazy to call her Big anything.  Renata sighed. Well, if her mother didn't care if people called her mother Red that was fine, but Renata just wished people would stop calling her Little Red.

"Listen, sugar." said Renata's mother. "I need you to take a basket of food I made over to Grandma's house. She's not feeling well." Grandma lived down the block and around the corner.

Renata nodded.  She took the basket and got ready to go. Just before she went out the door, Mom called her."Wait a minute!" Mom stopped her. "It's cold out there, put on a sweater."

Renata went to the closet and took out her favorite comfy warm brown sweater and started to put it on.

"Why don't you put on that cute little red hooded sweater that Grandma knitted you?" suggested Mom.

Renata made a face of utter disgust. She hated that sweater. Grandma had  been knitting sweaters for her like that since she was born.  No matter how many times Renata told her that red heads didn't really look good in red, Grandma continued to make her red sweaters. Every time, Renata grew out of one she made her another. "Do I have to, Mom?" she asked hoping that for once the answer would actually be no.

"Oh sugar," Mom replied sweetly. "You look so cute in that red hooded sweater, and Grandma is always so happy to see you in something she made for you."

Renata frowned deeply and took off the brown sweater and put on the red hooded one. She hoped she didn't see anyone she knew on the way.

"Now, you be careful." insisted Mom. "Just go to Grandma's and come right back. Don't waste time and don't talk to anybody along the way."

Renata sighed again. The last thing she wanted to do was stop and talk to anybody. All she wanted to do was go and come back before anyone saw her in that stupid red hooded sweater.

Renata took the basket,  left the house, and started on her way. She had only gone a few steps when she heard footsteps behind her.

"Hi, Little Red" called a slightly familiar voice.,

Renata was pretty sure she knew who it was, but she didn't turn around. She just started walking faster

"What's in the basket, Little Red?" asked the voice.

Now, Renata was sure she knew that voice. "Go away Wolfie!" she called out behind her. Wolfie Black was a boy in her neighborhood, and he was also in her class.  She just couldn't seem to get away from him.

Wolfie's real name was Walter but nobody ever called him that. They just called him Wolfie. Allegedly, they called him that because he had big ears and a big nose and little eyes like a wolf. Renata wasn't sure though. All she knew was that, he was really annoying, and she despised him. He liked her though, and he was always trying to talk to her. Renata started running.

Wolfie ran after her. He had much longer legs than Renata and quickly caught up to her.  He put his hand on her shoulder, and she turned around and sighed. "You've got really long legs, Wolfie." she noted unhappy that he was able to reach her so quickly.

"The better to catch you with you my dear." replied Wolfie as he stepped right in her way and stopped. walking.

Renata gave him an angry stare. "You really do have big ears." she observed.

"The better to hear your lovely voice with my dear." replied Wolfie.

Renata glared at him even more. "And you have a big nose too." she added.

"The better to smell your lovely scent with." replied Wolfie.

"Okay!" exclaimed Renata. "Now, you're just being weird. Can you please stop following me?"

"I can't let you walk by yourself." declared Wolfie. "What kind of gentlemen would I be if I did that?"

Renata shook her head. Things could not possibly get worse. First, she was forced to wear the stupid red sweater and now this. She walked around Wolfie and continued on her way to Grandma's hoping that he didn't really intend to walk her all the way there. Apparently, he did, however, because he kept following her.

Finally. they arrived at Grandma's house. With Wolfie following her, the walk had seemed much longer than it usually did.

At Grandma's door, Renata turned to Wolfie, and she was about to tell him that he could go now. However, the door suddenly swung open. "Why my sweet Little Red!" exclaimed Grandma excitedly upon seeing her granddaughter.

"Grandma, I thought you were sick." replied Renata surprised to see her Grandmother up and about.

"I'm feeling a lot better now, dear." replied Grandma. She took the basket from Renata and peeked in. "Did your mother send all of this?" Grandma asked Renata. "How nice of her." she added gratefully when Renata nodded yes. "I couldn't possible eat all this though. Why don't you stay and eat with me and you're friend is welcome to stay too."

Renata turned and frowned to see that Wolfie was still there. She tried to give him a look that said tell her that you don't really want to stay. Wolfie did no such thing. Instead, he put out his hand and said. "Hello. My name is Walter Black, ma'm. I would love to stay. Thanks for inviting me."

Renata  frowned even deeper. It was bad enough when Wolfie followed her all the way to Grandma's. Now, she had to sit down and eat with him. It was going to be a long afternoon.

It turned out that Renata was wrong.  When she actually sat down and talked to Wolfie, he wasn't really that bad at all. He was still a little weird, but he was nice.

"So we're friends now, Renata?" asked Wolfie on the walk home.

"I guess we are, Walter." she replied. After all, how could she not be friends with the only person she knew who had agreed to called her Renata instead of Little Red like she was always begging people to do. In exchange, she agreed to call him Walter instead of Wolfie.

"I'm glad we're friends now." stated Walter happily.

"I'm glad too." replied Renata surprised to find out how much she really meant it.

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