Monday, January 12, 2015

Whose Shoe Is It Anyway?

The Geller house was unusually quiet. With a household that consisted of three girls under ten, 8 year old Lindy, 5 year old Cindy, and 2 year old Bindy, peace and quiet was very rare.It also wasn't necessarily a good thing. In fact, it usually mean that somebody was up to something. Mommy decided to go look and see what her girls were up to. She peaked her head into the playroom and opened her eyes with horror.

There was no sign of Lindy, Cindy, or Bindy. What there was was a big enormous mess. Barbie dolls and their clothing and accessories were scattered all over the floor. Stuffed animals were piled up in the chairs around the little table. The table itself was covered with open games and games pieces littered the table. In the center of it all was one white sneaker.

"Lindy!" called Mommy angrily. When Lindy didn't come, Mommy shouted her name again a little louder and a little angrier.

This time Lindy immediately came running. "What's the matter?" she asked.

"Did you make this mess?" asked Mommy.

Lindy looked around and surveyed the big mess. Her eyes opened wide at the site of it as she shook her head no. "I didn't do this." she told her mother. "I've been in my room reading all day." She showed Mommy the book she'd been reading which she'd carried into the playroom with her when Mommy called her.

Mommy noticed that the sneaker lying in the middle of the room was too small too be Lindy's anyway. Besides, it wasn't like Lindy to make such a big mess.

"Can I go now?" asked Lindy. Mom nodded and Lindy went back to her room.

Mommy didn't see how Bindy could make a mess like this all by herself. Besides, Bindy was allegedly in her room taking a nap. Mommy hoped that Bindy hadn't started crawling out of her crib all by herself. If so, they would have to transfer her to a bed. Bindy was the last baby, and Mommy wanted her to stay little as long as possible.

Mommy needn't have worried. When she got to Bindy's room. Bindy was fast asleep in her crib. Mommy breathed a sigh of relief for more than one reason. She realized the white sneaker left in the playroom was too big to fit Bindy's tiny foot anyway.

"Cindy!" shouted Mommy as she went back to the playroom. "Cindy!" she shouted again when Cindy didn't come.

"Sorry, Mommy." Cindy  said as she came running into the playroom out of breathe. "I was watching TV. I didn't hear you calling me."

"Cindy," said Mommy accusingly.  "Did you make this mess?"

Cindy started to say no because she didn't want to get in trouble. However, she suddenly got distracted when she saw the white sneaker in the middle of the floor. "My shoe!" she exclaimed. "I wondered where I left this my foot is freezing." She hurried over and picked it up and put it on. It perfectly matched the other white sneaker she already had on.

"Why were you only wearing one shoe?" asked Mommy. " and why did you make such a big mess and not clean it up?"

Cindy scrunched up her face and thought about it for a minute. "I don't know." she said finally.

"I don't know either." replied Mommy, "but I do know this. You are going to clean this mess right now."

"Okay, Mommy." sighed Cindy less than happily. Making a mess was fun, cleaning it up not so much.

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