Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Prettiest Girl in the World

Eliza Quince was the prettiest girl in the world. She knew she was. Her mirror told her so. Every day, she stared into it and said "Who is the prettiest girl in the world?"

"Why I am!" she answered her own question. She would toss around her lovely red curls. She would flutter her bright green eyes. She was sure she was the prettiest girl in the world and she would always be the prettiest girl in the world.

One day, a new girl moved to town. Her name was Whitley Snowden. She was really beautiful.  She had long straight jet black hair. She had sparkly bright blue eyes. Eliza couldn't stop staring at her worriedly.  She liked being the prettiest girl in the world or at least thinking she was the prettiest girl in the world.

After she saw Whitley for the first time, Eliza went right up to her room. She stood in front of her mirror. "Who is the prettiest girl in the world?"

"Whitley Snowden." replied a little voice in Eliza's head.

Eliza was sure she couldn't really have thought that. She closed her eyes, took a deep breathe, and tried to clear her mind. Then, she stood in front of her mirror again and asked "Who is the prettiest girl in the world?"

"Whitley Snowden." repeated the voice in her head. Eliza screamed. She grabbed the brush that was sitting on her night table and threw it at the mirror. It just hit the frame and didn't break the mirror.

The next day when Eliza went to school, it turned out Whitley was in her class. Whitley tried to make friends with her. "Hi, I'm Whitley Snowden." she said putting out her hand to Eliza. "I just moved here from Forest Glen."

Eliza's green eyes flashed angrily at Whitley. "I know who you are." she replied coldly. She walked away and left Whitley standing there with her hand out.

After that Eliza totally ignored Whitley. That wasn't enough either. She got all the other kids to ignore Whitley too. Eliza was very popular. It wasn't really so much because she was nice, but more partly because she was pretty and partly because the other kids were afraid of her. All the cool kids followed Eliza's lead and refused to be friends with Whitley.

The only kids who would be friends with Whitley were the not so cool kids. There were seven of them. Eliza never bothered with those kids except to give them mean nicknames. There was treetop, the tall kid. There was shorty, the short kid. There was stubby, the fat kid. There was brainy, the smart kid. There was dummy, the not so smart kid. There was smelly, the kid who always smelled. There was drippy, the kid who always had a runny nose. Whitley was always with them and she seemed happy to be with them. It bothered Eliza that it didn't seem to matter that she was only friends with the not so cool kids.

One day, when Whitley was alone in the hallway, Eliza approached her. "Whitley," she said but she said it as if she were giving Whitley an order. Whitley looked up her eyes and mouth opened wide in surprise that Eliza was actually talking to her. Eliza smiled at her, but it wasn't really a friendly smile.Whitley still didn't say anything. "Don't look so worried." Eliza assured Whitley. "I don't bite." However, the way she smiled at Whitley as she said it made Whitley think that maybe she did. "Here." said Eliza handing Whitley an apple. "A peace offering." she said. Whitely wasn't sure what to do. "Take it." insisted Eliza. "Don't you want to be my friend?"

Whitley figured it was better to have Eliza for a friend than an enemy. She took the apple. "Thanks." she said but she didn't really sound grateful, and she wasn't. She started to put the apple in her backpack, but Eliza stopped her.

"Aren't you going to take a bite now?" asked Eliza. "You haven't really accepted my peace offering if you don't take a bite."

Whitley reluctantly took a bite of the apple. Then, she fell to the floor.

Eliza was shocked. She had given Whitley the apple because she thought it had a worm in it, but she didn't really want to cause Whitley physical harm. Eliza ran screaming for the school nurse. It turned out the apple had gotten specks of peanut butter in it from being in Eliza's kitchen when her mother was making her a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich. Whitley was allergic to peanut butter. The nurse gave her a shot, and she was okay, but she had to go home for the rest of the day.

When Whitley came back to school, Eliza hurried over to her. Whitley immediately jumped back. "I'm really sorry." said Eliza and this time she really meant it. "I didn't know there was any peanut butter on that apple and that you were allergic to peanut butter. Let's start over. I really want to be friends."

Whitley could tell by Eliza's tone of voice that this time it was different, but she was still a little bit wary. "Okay." she said cautiously. Eliza put out her hand. Whitley carefully took it and shook it. "You and I are the prettiest girls, and we're going to rule the school." Eliza told her.

"Okay." replied Whitley, but she wasn't really sure if that was good or bad.

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