Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Boat Trip

"Xia! Xia! Guess what!" shouted 8 year old Xanny Grogan to her twin sister. "Uncle Will invited us out on his boat."

"Oh." replied Xia neither looking nor feeling as excited as Xanny.

"Aren't you excited?" asked Xanny failing to see why Xia wasn't nearly as excited as she was.

"I don't want to go. " said Xia worriedly. "Boats rock. I'm going to get seasick."

Xanny laughed at her sister's fears. "Don't worry." she assured Xia. "I'm sure it will be fine, and it will be fun. I'll help you get through it."

Xanny excitedly counted down the days to their boat trip. Xia not so much. Every time, Xanny crossed off another day on the calender, she called out "Six more days!"; "Five more days!" or whatever. Every time, Xia heard that she cringed and her stomach began to hurt as if she were already on the boat getting seasick.

Finally, the day arrived. Xanny and Xia both got dressed in the cute little white and blue sailor dresses that Mom got them. Xanny hated hers. "Do I have to wear this?" she asked. She would rather wear a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Xia didn't care so much about the dress. She actually thought it was kind of cute. She just would rather wear it to go look at boats instead of going for a ride in one.

Uncle Will was waiting for them at the dock. "Here she is!" he said proudly pointing to a beautiful red boat. The name on the side said The Rosebud." Even Xia had to admit that the boat was beautiful . She would love to stay on the dock and admire it, staying on the dock being the important thing, of course.

That, however, was not going to happen. Uncle Will helped the girls onto the boat. They quickly put on life jackets. Xanny stood and looked out over the water as they set sail. Xia sat down and clutched tightly to the back of her seat as though if she let go she would be instantly swept out to sea.

After a few minutes, Xia relaxed a little bit. She realized that the sea breeze actually felt kind of nice and cooling on her face. She realized that she didn't feel sick at all. In fact, she actually started to enjoy herself. Xia let go of  her seat and stood up and looked out over the water. The view really was beautiful.

"Oh, Xanny!" Xia gushed excitedly to her sister. "You were right! I'm so glad Uncle Will invited us out on his boat. It's so much fun." There was no reply from Xanny. "Xanny?" said Xia  a little worriedly. There was still no reply from Xanny. "Xanny?" repeated Xia a little more worriedly. She looked around for her sister.

She finally found Xanny lying in a heap on the floor of the boat looking green.  Xanny looked up miserably at her sister. "Is it over yet?" she asked hopefully. When Xia shook her head no, Xanny turned even greener. "When is this stupid boat going to stop rocking?" she moaned unhappily.

Xia couldn't help smiling at the turn of events. She instantly felt badly though and quickly wipe the smiled off her face. "Poor, poor Xanny." she said sitting down beside her sister and taking her hand. "Don't worry." Xia assured Xanny "I'll help you get through it."

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