Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Selita Can Spell

Selita Watts couldn't wait until she learned how to spell. Her sister, Katherine was the third grade spelling champion in her school. Selita idolized her big sister, and she wanted to be a spelling champion too. Every day, she would arbitarily put strings of letters together trying to make words. "What does Q-G-M-I-Z spell, mommy?" she asked.

Mommy would just shake her head sadly. "It doesn't spell anything." she informed a disappointed Selita. Selita stared at the floor sadly. Mommy patted her on the head. "Don't worry, honey." she said. "You'll learn to spell soon." But soon wasn't good enough for Selita. She wanted to learn now.

Selita loved to sneak into Katherine's room and look at the blue ribbon Katherine had earned for winning the spelling bee. She picked it up and held it in her hand even though she wasn't supposed to be touching it. "What are you doing?" demanded Katherine coming into the room suddenly to  get something. Selita was so startled that the ribbon fell out of her hands and fluttered to the floor. "That's mine!" exclaimed Katherine angrily grabbing it off the floor. "You have no right to touch it! Get out of my room!"

"I'm going to win my own spelling bee ribbon!" insisted Selita.

Katherine laughed. "You?" she said. "You can't even spell."

Selita frowned and angrily stuck out her lower lip. "I can too spell." she said, "and you are  a D-O-T-H-K"

Katherine laughed even harder. "That doesn't spell anything." she said as Selita angrily stormed out of the room.

'Of course, I can spell.' thought Selita to herself  'If that dumb Katherine can spell anybody can spell.' Selita knew that her sister wasn't really dumb, but she always thought of her sister that was way when she was mad at her.

Selita thought maybe she wasn't trying hard enough. If she really concentrated she would learn how to spell. She looked around her room and saw her closet. "Closet." she said. She repeated it several times. "Closet, closet, closet." Then, she closed her eyes.

After a few minutes, she opened them and smiled. She ran out of her room and went to find her mother. Mommy was in her bedroom watching TV. "Mommy!" exclaimed Selita. "I can spell! I can spell closet. K-L-S-I-T." She flashed Mommy a smile that lit up her whole face.

Mommy smiled back at Selita. "You're getting there sweetie." she said encouragingly, "But I'm afraid that doesn't spell closet. It doesn't spell anything."

The smile instantly disappeared from Selita's face. She was so disappointed. She really thought she had it this time. Maybe, she was the one who was dumb and she was never going to learn to spell. She sadly shuffled back to her room.

In her room, she found a paper that had fallen on the floor. She picked it up and saw that there was writing on it. She looked at the first word on the paper. "S-E-L-I-T-A. " she read. 'I have an S sound in my name.' she thought.  She looked at the paper again. 'I have an L sound in my name too.' she thought. She looked at the paper a third time. 'I have a T sound in my name.'  She looked at the paper one more time. 'I have an A sound in my name. This word must be my  name. '

She pointed to each letter and said them aloud. "S-E-L-I-T-A. Selita. That's me! I can spell my name!" She ran off excitedly in search of her sister.

"What do you want now?" asked Katherine annoyed at being bothered again.

"I  want to spell for you. " stated Selita. "I can really spell now." she added exitedly.

Katherine frowned and rolled her eyes. She highly doubted that.  "Okay, whatever. Just go ahead and spell then." She just wanted to get it over with and get her little sister out of her room.

"S-E-L-I-T-A, spells Selita." said Selita proudly.

"That's right, it does." said Katherine full of shock and surprise. If she'd been sitting she would have fallen out her chair.  "Mom! Mom! Come quick! Selita can spell! Really!"

Mommy came rushing in from the other room. She hadn't heard anything but come quick, and she was worried that something was wrong. "Is everything okay?" she asked worriedly looking from one daughter to the next.

Both girls nodded. "I can spell, mommy." said Selita proudly.

"She really can." added Katherine.

"Oh?" said Mommy with a mixture of pride in Selita and anger at Katherine for frightening her and making her think something was wrong.

"S-E-L-I-T-A. Selita." said Selita beaming with pride.

"That's right!" exclaimed Mommy hugging her.

"K-T-R-N. Katherine." said Selita.

Katherine laughed. "Uh, not exactly." Mommy gave her a look, and she quickly stopped.

"One step at a time." Mommy said to Selita. "The dictionary wasn't written in a day and you don't need to learn to spell all the words it it in a day either. I'm really proud of you." She smiled at Selita.

Selita smiled back. She was really proud of herself too, but she knew it was only the first step. Some day, she was going to win a spelling championship like Katherine. She was determined to.

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