Sunday, January 4, 2015

Paisley the Princess

It was a beautiful sunshiny day and Paisley Vogel woke up bright and early and jumped out of bed. "I  think I'll be a princess today." she said. She ran to her closet and pulled out her pink sparkly princess dress and quickly put it on. She followed that with her pink jeweled dress up princess shoes. She topped it all off with her shiny silver princess tiara. Then, she click clacked down to the kitchen in her plastic heels.

The kitchen smelled like pancakes as Mommy was already there making breakfast. "Good morning, sugar." she greeted  Paisley warmly. Paisley frowned. "What's wrong, honey?" asked Mommy with a voice full of concern.

"I am not sugar. I am not honey. I am a princess." announced Paisley with a deep curtsy.

Mommy smiled. "Oh excuse me, your highness." replied Mommy. "Please have a seat and your breakfast will be served shortly."

Paisley smiled and slid into her  chair and adjusted her crown. "I think I'll have eggs today." she said.

"I'm sorry. " replied Mommy. "We're having pancakes today."

"A princess gets to eat what she wants."

"Not in this kitchen." replied Mommy. "I already made pancakes. You can  have eggs tomorrow. "

Paisley made a pouty face. "Princesses like eggs." she insisted.

"They like nice fluffy golden pancakes too," replied Mommy.

"Oh, yes." agreed Paisley "Princesses love things that are golden. I think I will have pancakes." Her mother filled her plate with pancakes. Paisley loaded them up with butter and syrup and ate heartily. When she finished, she quickly got up from the table.

"Where are you going?" asked Mommy. She pointed to Paisley's empty plate and pointed to the sink indicating that she wanted Paisley to put her dishes in the sink.

"Princesses do not carry their own plates." insisted Paisley wrinkling her nose and shaking her head.

"They do in this house. " replied Mommy in a stern voice. Paisley knew better than to argue when Mommy talked in that tone of voice. She sighed and went back to the table and brought her dishes to the sink.

Just as Paisley was about to leave the kitchen again the phone rang. "Paisley, can you get that please?" asked Mommy who was in the middle of washing dishes. Paisley stood in the doorway but didn't move. "Paisley!" said Mommy as the phone rang again. "Please, Princess Paisley." said Mommy.

Paisley went over and answered the phone. It was Daddy. "Hello, my sweet Paisley." he said upon hearing her voice.

"I am not sweet Paisley. I am Princess Paisley." she informed him.

"Well, excuse me, Princess." said Daddy.

By this time. Mommy had wiped her hands on a dish towel and came over took the phone from Paisley.

Paisley click clacked on her plastic heels out of the kitchen. She went up to her room and spend the rest of the morning playing Princess tea party with her dolls and stuffed animals.

At noon, Mommy called. "Paisley! Come have lunch." Paisley ignored her mother and continued to play. "Paisley!" repeated. her mother a little bit louder. Paisley still kept playing. "Princess Paisley, your lunch is served." called Mommy finally.

"I'll be right down." answered Paisley. She click clacked in her plastic heels back into the kitchen and sat down at the table."What's on the royal menu for today?" she asked eagerly.

"Well, today. we're serving, Princess Peanut and Butter Jelly Sandwiches and Royal Milk."

"Why, thank you." said Paisley excitedly. She eagerly bit into her sandwich. She finished it quickly and then had another one.

After lunch, Paisley spent the afternoon watching Princess movies. Before, she knew it was almost dinnertime and Daddy was home. He scooped Paisley up in his arms. "Hello, my Princess." he said giving her a kiss on the check.

Paisley wrinkled her nose and frowned. "Princesses do not like to be picked up!" Daddy laughed and put her down.

"Princesses and others who want to eat dinner better sit down in the kitchen, now." called Mommy.

Paisley and Daddy went into the kitchen and sat down. Paisley stared down at her plate and frowned. "We are serving Royal Ham and Golden Apple Juice tonight." said Mommy. Paisley instantly brightened up and began eating her food.

After dinner, she spent the rest of the day doing princessy things. Then, she took a royal bath and got into a her fluffy pink princess pajamas. "Goodnight, sweet princess." said Mommy and Daddy as they tucked her into bed at night.

Paisley smiled as she closed her eyes. "Goodnight." she answered dreamily.

The next morning, Paisley was still in bed when Mommy came into the room to collect her laundry to wash. Paisley sat up and opened her eyes. "Good morning Princess Paisley."  Mommy greeted her cheerfully.

Paisley just stared at her mother for a minute. "Who is Princess Paisley?" she asked. "I'm a cowgirl, today."

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