Friday, January 16, 2015

Gladiola's garden

Gladiola Stravinski loved flowers. She loved Lillies. She was passionate about Pansies. She was crazy about Chrysanthemums. She was zany for Zinnias. She was daffy for Daffodils. She was in love with Irises. She just couldn't get enough of Jasmine.She was moonstruck for Marigolds. She got excited about Geraniums. Maybe, she loved flowers because she was named after one, but whatever it was she was just crazy about them. Her fondest wish was to have a flower garden of her own.

Every couple of months, Gladiola would beg her mother, "Please can I have a  flower garden?"

Mommy would shake her head. "Tending to a garden is a lot of responsibility." she would say. "Maybe, when you're a little older."

"But I am older. " Gladiola would insist hopefully. "Please mommy!" she would beg.

The reply was always the same. "Not yet."

Gladiola would be filled with disappointment and get ready to wait another few months before asking again.

Gladiola's siblings couldn't even understand why she would  want to have garden. "Too messy." declared her sister, Jullietta. "Why would you want to voluntarily work in the dirt?"

"Too much trouble." stated her brother, Gabriel. He barely wanted to be bothered feeding the dog.

Gladiola didn't mind the mess or the work. She just wanted a flower garden of her own. She couldn't wait for the day when she would be old enough to have one.

After what seemed like forever to Gladiola, one day Mommy finally announced. "Okay. I think you are old enough to have a little flower garden now."

"Thank you, Mommy! Thank you, Mommy!" gushed Gladiola throwing her arms around her mother and kissing her.

They went down to the Garden Center. Gladiola picked out purple Pansies, yellow Zinnia's, pink Chrysanthemums, blue Geraniums, orange Marigolds and red and white Gladiolus. She could hardly wait for Mommy to pay for them so she could go home and started planting her garden.

Once, they got home, Gladiola picked up out just the right spot on the lawn for her garden. She wanted a spot that would get just enough rain and sun, but not too much. She prepared her patch and planted her flowers. She put a tiny little white picket fence around it. The fence was so small, it wasn't even as big as Gladiola.

Right from the beginning, the fence was a problem. It was so small that people could not see it and kept walking right into Gladiola's  garden. Somehow, though the little flower garden continued to thrive and grow.

Then, one day, Julietta and Gabriel were playing soccer on the lawn. "Please get away from my garden!" begged Gladiola as they got awfully close to it. Julietta and Gabriel couldn't hear her and they didn't see the little fence and they both tumbled into the garden smashing all of Gladiola's flowers as they went down.  All of the flowers were completely destroyed.

"I'm so sorry!" they both exclaimed jumping up and brushing themselves off.

Their words didn't make Gladiola feel one tiny little bit better. She was devestated. She burst into tears and ran from the room.

Julietta and Gabriel felt horrible. "What can we do to make it up to her?" Julietta asked Gabriel. He shrugged.  They thought about it for a while.

Finally, Gabriel got an idea. "Let's replant her garden." he suggested.

"That's a great idea." agreed Julietta.

When Mommy took Gladiola out for ice cream to make her feel better, Daddy took Julietta and Gabriel to the  Garden Store to get more flowers. They got home and went outside and prepared the garden just in time.

Mommy and Gladiola came in the front door just as Julietta and Gabriel came in from the back. "I didn't really think that was going to help." they heard Gladiola say. She sounded as sad as when she left.

"Gladiola!" cried Julietta excitedly grabbing her arm. "Let's go outside." She tried to steer Gladiola in the direction of the backyard.

Gladiola yanked her arm away and moved out of her sister's grasp. "No!" she replied firmly. "I am never going out there again."

"Oh, come on." pleaded Julietta.

Gladiola shook her head again. Gabriel lifted Gladiola into his arms and carried her toward the door. "Gabriel!" she screamed. She kicked him and beat him with her fists, but he wouldn't put her down. He carried her outside and over to where her garden used to be. She closed her eyes but then opened them again quickly as she thought she saw a flash of color. "My garden." she said wriggling out of her brothers arms and going over to it. It was her garden as good as ever and still with the little white fence around it, but this time there was a big wooden sign next to it  that said "Gladiola's Garden" in rainbow letters making it clear that her garden was there. Nobody accidentally walked into it or fell into it again.

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