Thursday, January 22, 2015

Give Me Your Voice

Aria Mermel was not happy. She was not happy to have moved to a a new town. She was not happy to be going to a whole new school. She was especially not happy to be having to make all new friends. "Just make yourself a part of their world." suggested  her mother, but that was a lot easier said than done.

The only thing that made, Aria feel better was singing. She sat in her room for hours and listened to music and sang along. Finally, her mother made her go outside and get some fresh air. Aria took her iPod and sat on the swing in her yard swinging and singing.

Suddenly, she heard someone yell "Hey!"

Aria was startled. She looked up and saw a girl standing in front of her. It was Ursi Wyche. Ursi lived next door, and she was one of the most popular girls at school. "Oh, I'm sorry." apologized Aria. "Was I singing out loud?"

"Yes, you were." replied Ursi. "Your voice is beautiful."

"Thanks." said Aria blushing.

"Say you just moved here, didn't you, Ariel?"

"Yes, but it's Aria."

"Well I'm going to do something for you Aria." declared Ursi. "I'm going to take you under my wing and help you meet people and make friends."

Aria's smile lit up her whole face. "You would do that for me? " she asked.

"Sure." replied Ursi, "but if I do that for you,  you are going to have to do something for me."

"Okay." replied Aria a little warily. She couldn't imagine what Ursi could want her to do. Ursi didn't even know her that well.

"I want you to give me your voice." declared Ursi.

What?!" exclaimed Aria jumping back in horror.

Ursi laughed. "Oh don't worry." she said. "I don't intend to hurt you. I know this is real life. We can't really trade voices or anything like that but I want to be in the school musical. You can help me with that."

"Okay agreed." Aria although she still wasn't sure if it was a good idea.

Ursi's plan was to record Aria's voice. Then, she'd play it at the audition and lip sync to it. "Tomorrow, I'll introduce you too everyone." Ursi promised on her way out of Aria's house. "Just remember though if you tell anyone about our deal, I'll make them all hate you."

"I won't tell." Aria promised. She could hardly wait for the next day. She really wanted to be a part of the popular world like Ursi and not just an unnoticeable new girl any more.

The next day, Aria stayed after school for the musical auditions. "Are you trying out?" asked the drama teacher, Mrs. Sebastian.

"Oh no." replied Aria shaking her head. "I'm just waiting for Ursi."  Ursi had promised to introduce Aria to her friends after the auditions.

Aria worked on her homework while she listened to the other kids auditioning for the musical.

"Hey!" shouted a familiar voice right in Aria's face.

Aria looked up. "Oh hi, Ursi." she greeted Ursi cheerfully. "Did you audition already?" Aria didn't remember seeing Ursi audition or hearing her own voice, but maybe she had missed it when she was busy with her homework.

"No." said Ursi unhappily. "Your voice accidentally got recorded over. Now, we have a new plan." She dragged Aria out of the auditorium and around backstage with her.  "You stay here and sing." she demanded in a whisper. "My turn is next."

"Okay." agreed Aria. She wasn't happy about it though. She didn't see how this was going to work.

Mrs. Sebastian called Ursi's name. Ursi went on stage and opened her mouth. Aria couldn't see her so she didn't start singing.  After a few minutes, Mrs. Sebastian asked "When are you going to start singing, Miss Wyche?"

Ursi turned around and gave a quick angry peak behind the curtain. Then, she turned back to face front and smiled. "I'm ready now." she declared.

Behind the curtain, Aria began to sing. Her voice was beautiful. It was so beautiful that everyone stopped what they were doing to listen to it.

Mrs. Sebastian actually had tears in her eyes. Never in all her years of teaching had she heard such a beautiful voice. She was about to ask Ursi where she had been hiding that beautiful voice all this time when she realized that the mouth and the sound coming out of it were not exactly matching up. She signaled for one of the other kids to open the stage curtains.

Ursi stopped singing the minute the curtains starting opening. Aria, however, was so wrapped up in her song that she didn't even notice the curtains were opening. She kept right on singing.

Suddenly, there was dead silence in the auditorium. Aria noticed the unusual quiet. She finally stopped singing.

"Why, Aria Mermel!" exclaimed Mrs. Sebastian. "You really must try-out for the school musical."

"But I ..." protested Aria. She looked over at Ursi who was glaring at her. Then, she looked out into the audience. Everyone else was smiling in an encouraging way. Maybe, she didn't need Ursi to help her make friends anyway. Maybe, she could make her own friends after all. "Okay." she declared. "I'd love to try out for the school musical."

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