Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fur Baby

Snowy, the soft white cat, brushed against Naylei Robinson's legs. Naylei reached down and pet her.  The Robinson family had Snowy since before Naylei was born. In fact, Mommy had Snowy even before she met Daddy. "Tell me again the story of how you got Snowy." Naylei begged Mommy.  She climbed up on Mommy's lap.

Mommy smiled at Naylei. "Aren't you tired of that story? You've heard it so many times before." she replied.

"Tell me again!  Tell me again!" pleaded Naylei.

Mommy laughed. "Okay." she agreed.

When Mommy got out of college and she moved out of Grandma and Grandpa's house, she moved into an apartment. It was kind of lonely. Grandpa offered to get Mommy a kitten.

They went to the shelter. There were lots and lots of kittens. Mommy didn't know which one to choose. She walked up to the cages. Most of the kittens ignored her. A little white one came right up to the front of the cage and chewed on Mommy's finger. It didn't hurt though. "I'll take this one." she declared.

"Are you sure?" asked Grandpa.

Mommy nodded.

Somebody opened the cage and took the little kitten out and deposited it into Mommy's arms while Grandpa filled out the necessary paperwork for Mommy to adopt her. The kitten was frightened and shaking. Mommy pet her and tried to relax  her. "Don't worry little one." she whispered softly to the kitten.

"What are you going to call her?" inquired Grandpa.

Mommy carefully looked the little cat over and thought about it. "Snowy." she announced after a few minutes. "I'm going to call her Snowy."

"Hello Snowy." Grandpa said to the little white cat.

In the car, Snowy was even more frightened. As they drove along, she made sad little mewing sounds. Mommy felt so bad for her. "Don't worry little one." she promised. "It's going to be okay."

They stopped to get cat supplies. Then, they went to Mommy's apartment. Mommy took Snowy to her room and let her out of the box. Snowy started running around and around all over the place. She was so happy to be out a cage and out of a box.  Mommy and Grandpa laughed at the crazy little kitten racing all over the floor. Finally, Snowy tired herself out. She came over to Mommy and lay down in her lap and went to sleep. After that, she and Mommy were bonded. She was Mommy's fur baby for life.

Naylei smiled as Mommy finished the story. "Tell me the story about Snowy and the shower." she begged.

Mommy laughed at Naylei's excitement. "Okay." she said.

When Mommy first got Snowy, Snowy followed her everywhere. Every time, Mommy went out of the room and Snowy didn't see her, she started mewing sadly. One day, Mommy was taking a shower when she heard Snowy crying in the hall. Mommy grabbed a towel and went out into the hall. She scooped up Snowy in her arms and brought her into the bathroom. Snowy stopped crying and jumped up on the toilet lid and sat down. Mommy got back in the shower. Snowy sat peacefully for a couple of minutes. Then, she started crying again. Mommy poked her head out of the shower just to show Snowy that she was still there. Snowy excitedly came over to the edge of the tub. She leaned forward and jumped in.

When Snowy felt the water touch her fur, she jumped back in terror. She quickly skidded across the tub floor and jumped out the other side. Mommy laughed at her silly little kitten,

"Now, tell me the story about when you brought Nina home." demanded Naylei.

"Haven't you heard enough stories for today?" teased Mommy.

"No! No! Tell me more!" begged Naylei.

For the first couple of years, Mommy and Snowy lived alone, and they were very close. When Mommy sat on the couch Snowy sat behind her on the arm of the couch. When Mommy lay on the couch, Snowy lay on her stomach. When Mommy sat at the table in the kitchen and ate a meal, Snowy sat in the extra chair next to her. When Mommy slept, Snowy curled up on the extra pillow next to her. When Mommy went out and then came back, Snowy greeted her at the door, meowing so happy to see her again.

A few years later, Daddy came along. He and Snowy weren't especially close, but she didn't
mind him.   She tolerated his being there, but she certainly wasn't as close to him as she was to Mommy.

Then, Mommy became pregnant with Naylei's big sister, Nina. Snowy was okay with Mommy being pregnant. Of course, she didn't really understand it anyway. It was when Nina was actually born that was the problem.

When Mommy and Daddy brought Nina home from the hospital, Mommy held Nina in her arms wrapped in a blanket. By that time, they lived in a townhouse and Snowy was sitting on the top of the steps. She looked at Mommy and Daddy and the bundle in Mommy's arms and glared at them all. What in the world had they brought into her house? Whatever, it was she was not happy about it.

Snowy was so angry at Mommy that she barely went near her for several months. Luckily, Snowy didn't try to harm Nina though. In fact, she barely went near the baby either. She didn't mind being near Daddy though, and became close to Daddy for the first time.

Finally, after several months, Snowy decided to forgive Mommy. Things went back to the way they were before except Snowy stayed close to Daddy although not as close as she was to Mommy.

"What about when I was born?" asked Naylei.

"When you were born, Snowy didn't mind so much. She only stayed away from me for a little bit. I guess once she had gotten used to one baby, the second one was easier." explained Mommy.

Naylei smiled.  "Snowy loves me." she said happily.

"Yes. She does." agreed Mommy. "She loves all of us."

"And we love her." added Naylei.

"Yes we do." agreed Mommy.

"Because she's our fur baby." declared Naylei.

"Yes she is." agreed Mommy.

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