Saturday, January 24, 2015

Barbie and the Big Box

Barbie Kenyon stood on her tiptoes staring up into the top of her Mom's closet.

"What are you doing?" inquired her big sister, Liz.

"Look!" said Barbie pointing up in the closet.

Liz looked up where Barbie was pointing. She didn't see anything. She looked all around the closet. She still didn't see anything. "What am I looking at?" she asked finally.

"Don't you see the big box?" exclaimed Barbie excitedly pointing to it again.

Liz shrugged.  Of course, she had seen the big white box. It was too big to miss. It didn't seem like anything important though. She didn't see what could make it so fascinating to Barbie. "It's just a box." stated Liz matter-of-factly. "So what?"

"It' s not just a box. I think it's my birthday present." Barbie confided in a loud whisper.

Liz stared at her little sister as if she'd suddenly starting speaking a foreign language. "Are you crazy?" she asked finally. "Your birthday isn't for six months."

Barbie nodded. "Uh huh." she agreed. "That's what makes it such a good surprise."

Liz left the room shaking her head.

Barbie remained staring at the closet trying to think of way to reach the big white box and see what was in it.  She tried jumping up, but she didn't jump high enough. She tried jumping up again, but she still couldn't jump high enough She tried jumping off the bed, but she didn't get anywhere near the closet. She just landed with a splat on the floor.

The loud noise Barbie made when she landed on the floor brought Mommy running up the stairs. "What are you doing in my room?" she asked Barbie accusingly.

"Nothing, mommy." replied Barbie quickly.

"Then what was that noise?"

"I fell off the bed." Barbie admitted.

"Are you okay?" asked Mommy suddenly full of concern. She hurried over and started checking Barbie for signs of broken bones.

Barbie made an annoyed face and backed away. "I'm fine." she assured her mother.

"Then, just please be more careful." insisted Mommy.

"I will." promised Barbie.

Mommy turned to leave the room. "Mommy?" called Barbie just as her mother reached the door.

Mommy turned back and looked at Barbie.  "Yes, my sweet?" she asked.

"What's in the big box in your closet?"

Mommy looked confused or was it just that she was trying to act like she was confused. Barbie was sure Mommy was just trying to put on an act. Of course, she knew what box Barbie was talking about. "The big white box in the closet." declared Barbie as a great big smile spread across her face.

"Oh that box." replied Mommy as she realized what box Barbie was talking about. "Oh that's not for you. Don't worry about it" She quickly left the room to finish what she had been in the middle of when Barbie's loud crash interrupted her.

Barbie's smile got even bigger as Mommy left the room. Now she was certain that whatever was in the big box was her birthday present. She tried to imagine what it could be. Maybe, it was a dollhouse. She had been wanting one of those for a while. Maybe, it was a baby doll or two. Barbie just loved baby dolls, and in her opinion you could never have too many. Maybe, it was an art kit. Barbie loved to draw and paint.

Barbie sat down on the bed disappointedly for a while. Then, she got an idea. She hurried out of the room and went to her bedroom and got her desk chair. She dragged it over to the closet, stood on it, and reached up. She still  couldn't reach the top of the closet. She frowned and thought some more.

Then, she got an idea. She went into the bathroom and got the step stool and put it on top of the chair. She reached up into the top of the closet again. This time her fingers just barely touched the box. She carefully reached as far as she could and pulled the box closer to her.As she tried to pull it even closer, her fingers slipped and the box clattered to the floor with a crash. The contents which consisted of a bunch of papers scattered all over the floor. Barbie was filled with disappointment. She got down and sat on the floor with her face in her hands frowning.

This time the crash brought both Mommy and Liz running. Liz's eyes opened wide in surprise. "What happened?" she asked.

Mommy's face was more angry then curious. "What is going on?" she demanded. She frowned and gave Barbie a hard stare with one hand on her chin as she shooed Liz out of the room with the other.

"I wanted to see what you got me for my birthday." admitted Barbie.

"Your birthday?" Mommy said with surprise. "Your birthday is not for six months."

"I know but I thought maybe you were going to surprise me."

"First of all, if I tell you that something is not for you, you need to leave it alone. Second of all, I would not hide your birthday present in my closet. Third of all, your birthday is not for six months. I haven't even started to think about it yet."

"Okay, Mommy. I'm sorry."

"I appreciate that." said Mommy sternly. "but you went in my closet without permission and you made a big mess. There is going to have be some consequence.  You go in your room and we'll talk about it when I finish cleaning up this mess."

"I'll help, Mommy." Barbie offered.

Mommy shook her head. "No, you've done quite enough." she declared. "Go to your room." 

A few minutes later, Liz found Barbie in the hall closet. "What are you doing?" she asked her little sister. "Your going to get in trouble. Aren't you supposed to be in your room?"

"Look!" said Barbie excitedly pointing to the back of the closet. "Do you see it?"

Liz looked but she didn't see anything important. "No." she replied.

"The big bag!" explained Barbie pointing to a big blue bag all the way in the back of the closet. "I think it's my birthday present."

"Didn't Mommy tell you she didn't even start thinking about your birthday yet? " pointed out Liz.

"That's what she said but I think she just said that to fool me." replied Barbie.

Liz put her head in her hands and sighed hopelessly.

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