Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Alysha's Obssesion

 Today's post is not only for my daughter but by my daughter

Alysha Hamilton was obssesed with Air Bud and Buddy movies.  She thought that all there was to life was watching them. All she ever wanted to do was watch them. She had seen every one over 100 times.  When her Mom and Dad were watching on the TV, she would watch on her portable DVD player. She even named her dog, Rosebud after the dog in the Buddy movies except she never paid attention to her real dog because she was too busy watching the movies.

"Honey, lunch time!" called Mommy one afternoon.

"Hold on, Mommy!" Alysha called back. "I am almost done watching Super Buddies."

When Alysha finally came down, Mommy was mad. "Alysha, you should have come when I called you." she declared angrily. "Now, your lunch is cold!"

"But I was finishing my movie." protested Alysha.

"I don't get how you can watch the same movies over and over again when they are so many good movies out there." wondered Mommy.

"But they're the best movies ever!" insisted Alysha.

Mommy decided to try to get Alysha to see that there were other things in life. While, Alysha was sleeping that night, she hid the movies.

The next day, Alysha woke up and decided she wanted to watch one of the Buddy movies. She went to her closet where she kept them. She couldn't find them. She looked all around and still couldn't find them. She checked all over the rest of the house even places she knew they would never be like the refrigerator and freezer.

"MOMMY! MOMMY" she screamed.

Mommy came running. She was worried that Alysha was hurt. "Are you okay? What happened?" asked  Mommy worriedly.

"Someone stole my movies!" explained Alysha.

"Are you sure you didn't misplace them?" Mommy asked.

"I'm sure." replied Alysha. "I looked everywhere."

"I'm sure they'll turn up." answered Mommy. "In the meanttime, maybe you can do something else."

Alysha did not know what else to do. She was so used to spending time watching her movies. For a while, she lay on her bed being bored.

Then, Rosebud barked and climbed onto Alysha's lap. Alysha wasn't sure what to do. She wasn't use to interacting with her real dog. She was usually too busy watching dogs on the TV screen. Rosebud started licking Alysha's face. Alysha pet her. For the first time, Alysha started to really bond with Rosebud.

Alysha got up. She thought Rosebud would leave, but Rosebud started following her around. "Mommy," she said happily running into Mommy's room with Rosebud not far behind her.

"Yes, sweetie?" asked Mommy. "I was just about to make dinner."

"Can I help?" asked Alysha.

"Sure." answered Mommy. "but first can you feed Rosebud?"

"Sure." replied Alysha.

After feeding, Rosebud, Alysha helped Mommy make cheesedogs, potatos, and mixed vegetables for dinner. It was delicious. Even Rosebud who was eating the scraps off the floor thought so.

After dinner, Mommy, Daddy, and Alysha played a game of Trivial Pursuit. Rosebud kept trying to eat the pieces. Alysha kept taking them away from her because she didn't want her dog to choke.

After that, she felt like she had bonded more with her parents more than ever before. "That was fun." she said happily. "Can we do it again tomorrow?"

"Well, maybe not tomorrow, but one day soon." promised Mommy.

"Okay."  replied Alysha.

Soon after that, it was time for Alysha to get ready for bed. She got ready quickly and got into bed.

Later that night, when Alysha was fast asleep, Mommy came in and put the DVDs on her desk.

The next morning when Alysha woke up. She ran into her Mom and Dad's room excitedly yelling."Look what I found! Look what I found!" waving the DVDs around.

"Oh good for you said ." Mommy pretending not to know anything about it. "Are you going to watch one now?"

"No." replied Alysha. "Maybe, later. I am going to play with Rosebud now."

Mommy was really proud of Alysha. She had finally learned there was more to life than the Air Bud and Buddy movies.

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